Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Mission K9 Retired Working Dogs Rescue


by Neima Pollak
MBE Staff Writer

Unsung Canine Heroes

Every July 4th we celebrate the day that the 13 American colonies gained independence from British rule. Since then many people have dedicated their lives to protect the American homeland and all the freedoms we enjoy today. Alongside these brave men and women are the working dogs across America. Working dogs, both AKC recognized breeds and mixed breeds, play an integral role in American law enforcement and the military and deserve to live peaceful lives after they are no longer able to serve. 

Mission K9 Retired Working Dogs Rescue

When Working Dogs Retire

However, many of these retired working dogs do not experience the happily ever after they deserve. Hundreds of dogs, who have spent their lives working tirelessly to serve the American nation, who served alongside their human counterparts in perilous situations, are left to live out the rest of their lives alone in kennels. 

Mission K9 Retired Working Dogs Rescue

Mission K9 is Here to Help

Fortunately, Mission K9 Rescue is an animal welfare organization that was founded to “create happy endings for retired military dogs, contractor working dogs, and police dogs who have served humankind.” 

Mission K9 Retired Working Dogs Rescue

Mission K9's Five Rs

Rescue: Mission K9 Rescue saves retired military working dogs, contract working dogs, or any other working dogs in need of support. 

Reunite: Working dogs are often assigned a personal handler that they work with until retirement. Mission K9 works to reconnect retired working dogs with their handlers to provide a permanent home. 

Re-home: Some working dogs were never assigned a personal handler, so Mission K9 works to find loving homes for these retired working dogs. 

Rehabilitate: The life of a working dog typically involves high-stress and possibly traumatic environments. As a result, many of the retired working dogs that Mission K9 helps have severe anxiety and stress disorders. Mission K9 works with these dogs to help them decompress and reintegrate into society to help them find their perfect home. 

Repair: Working dogs train and serve for most of their lives, similar to the way professional athletes train. Because of this intensive and lifelong training, many retired working dogs have costly medical expenses. Mission K9 assists handlers and/or adopters with veterinarians bills. 

Mission K9 Retired Working Dogs Rescue

About Mission K9 Rescue

To learn more about Mission K9 Rescue and how you can help these retired working dogs visit their website as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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