Thursday, October 10, 2019

Easy Fall Eco Friendly DIY Decor Crafts

Eco Fall DIY

I just love this time of year as well as kids fall crafts that are environment friendly. The Jewish High Holidays are wrought with meaning and inspiration, especially now that we are moving into a new year with a wonderful festive observance called Sukkot.

Here are my favorite fall ideas for making something new and creative to decorate your home or table -- or for those of you who like me are celebrating Sukkot -- some pretty decorations for your sukkah. For those of you who celebrate Halloween and/or Thanksgiving, I think you'll also appreciate the good to the earth DIY creative ideas in this post. 

Image from Two Girls Being Crafty

Recycled Paper Tree Craft

This eco friendly craft idea from the blog Two Girls Being Crafty is so clever. Though originally intended by the designers as a spring project to use up scraps of scrapbook paper that were too small for memory keeping books, this craft is easily applicable to Fall holidays, too. Even if you've never been into scrapbooking, there's always left over children's arts and craft papers or all that colorful junk mail that is sometimes hard to throw out because it's so pretty that you can use to make this.  Directions

Image from The Thrifty Abode

Oversize Initial Letter of Leaves Craft

Here's another green craft, this one from The Thrifty Abode. This would be really pretty for decorating for any Fall holiday, but I think the first letter of your last name made from colorful natural Fall leaves you gather in your neighborhood could be a real statement if you hang this at the entrance to your Sukkah or on the front door of your house.  Directions

Image from Kaboose

Corn on Stalk Table Centerpiece, Place Cards

Though these aren't 100% recycled, this cute craft idea from Kaboose is made from green construction paper with real popped corn glued on, then add a wood tongue depressor or popsicle stick as the stem -- so it qualifies! These would be great stuck in rows into a piece of styrofoam as a centerpiece. Add the name of a guest to each cob and they'd also make rather unique name cards for your fall or Thanksgiving holiday table.

Apple Honey Dish Craft

If you think this honey dish looks like a real apple filled with honey, you are totally right! My 14 year-old daughter made the craft you see pictured, which our family later ate after the honey was gone. The inspiration for this idea comes from Martha Stewart. It's simple, elegant and will make a beautiful addition to your fall dinner table or party. Both kids and parents are likely to be enchanted by this. Directions

Image from The Bride's Cafe

Apple Chair Swag Craft

Speaking of using real fruit to decorate. Isn't this chair decoration from The Bride's Cafe simple yet elegant? You and your child can make this easily together for any special fall occasion with some apples and some twine strong enough to thread the apples. Then add a colorful ribbon tied in a bow to the chair at each end for a festive seasonal touch.

Comment & Share Your Fall Green Craft Ideas!

Which of these fall crafts is your favorite? Do you have other ideas to share on this theme? Feel free to comment and share your own idea for fall-themed green DIY projects.

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