Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Healthy Dog Food With Real Meat + Vegetables


MBE partnered with Pet Plate to facilitate this review

A Balanced Fresh Diet for Canines

Moms and dads know that access to quality protein sources, as well as vegetables and fruits, are all essential to making sure our children stay healthy and get the proper vitamins and minerals in their diets. But what about those of us who love our dogs as much as our kids and want them to also eat well for the best chance of a long and healthy life as possible?

Dog lovers all agree we want the best for our fur babies because we consider them as much a part of the family as the kids are. So it makes sense that the pets we adore deserve good nutrition, too. That's where the veterinarian-formulated, chef-prepared Pet Plate meal system can be a real game changer in your own household.

Introducing Our Pug Puppy Taste Testers

Meet 5 year-old brothers Rocky and Koby, pugs from the same litter. I love both these affectionate and perky little guys, who each weigh about 18 pounds. These two always seem to be together and they're on the go constantly. 

With all the energy this pair of pups expend, playing all day long in the house and outside, and giving endless love to their kids and us grownups, they can work up quite an appetite. So, these cute fellows were more than glad to oblige and volunteer to be our official Pet Plate taste testers for this review.

Do you know what's in your dog's food?

You wouldn't even consider feeding your kids a diet that's heavy on junk food, right? Unfortunately, the reality is you might be unknowingly feeding your dog food that's far worse, consisting of mostly unhealthy ingredients which could potentially be dangerous to your dog's health. 

In fact, according to Pet Plate, the FDA allows illegal waste to be added into pet food including the 4Ds: materials from animals that are Dead (not slaughtered), Diseased, Dying or Disabled. What compounds that problem is that the FDA also does not restrict the inclusion of food contaminated by pesticides, drugs or chemicals, and more in the pet foods that are mass marketed to the public.

Delivering Healthy Pet Meals to Your Door

Wouldn't you rather be feeding your beloved four-legged best friend nutritious, great tasting meals made from real USDA ingredients instead? I know I sure would. Pet Plate makes it easy for you to do just that, by delivering fresh-cooked meals to your home which are made with the same types of meats, vegetables and fruits that are suitable for human consumption.

Vet-Designed Pet Plate Dog Food Facts
  • Made fresh in a human-grade kitchen from USDA meat, vegetables, fruit, and other healthy ingredients
  • Pre-portioned and packaged in resealable, microwaveable, recyclable containers
  • Available only online in four appetizing and fun menu varieties that dogs of all ages and breeds will enjoy including Chompin' Chicken, Barkin' Beef, Tail Waggin' Turkey, and Lip Lickin' Lamb
  • Personalized meals according to your dog's nutritional needs, breed, age and weight, thanks to Pet Plate 3.0 which recently rolled out
  • Delivered frozen as a weekly subscription service, fresh to your door in an insulated well-packed box with ice packs, ready to thaw and feed to your dog now, refrigerate up to 5 days or freeze for as much as 12 months 
  • Affordable full-serve subscriptions, including free shipping, start at about $1.50 per day; a Topper Plan without a subscription is also offered for more pet parent flexibility, allowing you to choose amounts and delivery frequencies so you can gradually introduce Pet Plate to your dog's current food 

What's Koby's and Rocky's Verdict On Pet Plate?

As you can see from this video these two pugs love sharing from the other's dog dish and they loved Pet Plate, savoring every last morsel of their meals and even cleaning up the floor after themselves. What's more is that they enjoyed this food so much that afterward, these dogs licked each other's faces clean, too! 

Not only do I love seeing them so content and happy like this, I feel satisfied knowing that the Pet Plate food I feed them is easy to digest as well as to refuel their wiggling little bodies and busy minds. 

About Pet Plate

Pet Plate, it's face lickin' good. Learn more by visiting Pet Plate's website. Also, don't miss the brand's entertaining social media feeds with lots more dogs with engaging canine-alities on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This is a novel and practical gift idea for the holidays and year round for your own dog as well as for your dog-loving friends' pets. 

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