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Basic Photo Editing Adobe Photoshop Elements


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Top Photo Editing Hacks for Amateur Photographers

If you're a hobby photographer or an influencer like I am who just loves shooting creatively staged photos with your smartphone or DSLR camera which you often wished would have turned out better, this post is for you.

Leopard Simbavati Game Reserve South Africa
After editing with Photoshop Elements 2020

Imagine this scenario, you're after the perfect photo. So you work diligently planning, styling and shooting a batch of photos and/or videos which you think at first glance came out great, ready as-is for sharing on one or more of your social channels. But then, after the event or vacation, you take a second look and discover a hornet's nest worth of flaws in many of your images. The photos you've ended up with are disappointing, not even close to what you remember them looking like through your camera lens when you pushed the shutter button.

Now what? At this point which option would you rather choose: delete everything and pretend it never happened or use an easy-to-use photo editor like Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 and end up with some beautiful, professional-quality shots you can't wait show off to the world? Obviously the answer to that last question is a no brainer. 

This fail happens to me all the time and I'm afraid, assuming your own experiences have been very similar, I have plenty of company with many of you. That's why I'm glad to be using the latest version of Photoshop Elements and sharing how I'm working with it to edit photos for both my original photography on this website and our personal family photo archives.

So, as an example, take a look at this leopard in a tree image I captured on our family safari trip to Africa earlier this year. On the left is the before view and on the right is what my image looked like after I used Photoshop Elements in Quick edit mode. This choice is good for beginners who are just getting started in the world of photo editing. Here, like I did,  easily improve the look of your photo by clicking on various buttons to fix exposure, lighting, color, balance and image sharpness.

For those of you with intermediate skills who have worked with both Photoshop and earlier versions of Photoshop Elements, like I have, you'll want to check out the Guided editing mode which gives you even more options and editing flexibility. Then, there is Expert mode, offering the most functionality of the three options, making it a good choice for seasoned photographers who edit your own images.

The ways to improve the quality and look of your photos using Photoshop Elements are seemingly endless. In the before photo above, the scene is flat, dark and the colors are drab. But, in the after photo below of that same African savanna sunset, the image really comes to life, with minimal effort on my part. 

South Africa Sunset Krueger National Park

Common Problems Solved with Photoshop Elements 2020

  • Blurry, Grainy, Shaky Quality
  • Too Little Or Too Much Lighting
  • Photo Bombers Or Unwanted Objects
  • Colors Not Rendering Properly
  • Whites Looking Gray or Yellow
  • Faded Colors in Vintage Photos
  • Flat Results, Lacking Image Dimensions
  • Blemishes and Skin Tone Issues
  • Red Eye, Eyes Shut
  • The List Goes On

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Hazyview Elephant Sanctuary South Africa

An elephant & my family in South Africa
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About Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020

Getting started with Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 for Mac and Windows and now available at Best Buy, is simple even if it's the first time you've ever done any photo editing on your laptop or desktop computer or tried to use a full-functioned photo editor like this. After you dive in and start experimenting I think you'll agree that this editing app is intuitive and easy to navigate to solve all kinds of oops photography moments and problems. 

From revitalizing photos by applying automatic colorization with a single click to using new Auto Creations including B&W Selection, Pattern Brush, Painterly, and Depth of Field effects to making people's skin tones smoother and realistic looking to touching things up and using the Guided Edits to remove unwanted objects there is no easier photo editor that does it all.

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