Thursday, April 30, 2020

National Brothers Sisters Day Celebration Ideas


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5 Ways to Celebrate National Brothers and Sisters Day

If you have siblings and/or you are a mom or dad with multiple kids you already know by first-hand experience that children who grow up together have the uncanny gift of both intensely loving and disliking each other. Often brothers and sisters switch back and forth, between being best friends and worst enemies, all in the same day. 

Three Sisters Holding Hands

That's why, as one of three kids and mother of four children born within a year myself, I'm excited to inspire you and your own family with some really creative and fun ideas for spreading the love and celebrating National Brothers and Sisters Day which is coming up on Saturday, May 2.

1. Pull a Prank

There's no better way to show how much a brother or sister means to you, than to play a joke on them. Whether your a kid or an adult, doing something harmless but silly is always fun for the giver and, hopefully, the target of your prank. It can be as easy as switching the salt and sugar into the opposite shakers and writing "You are So Sweet," "Love You Bro," or something similar on a piece of paper and taping it to the sugar shaker that is now filled with salt. You get the idea -- switching things up a bit will make them smile. Just be sure that whatever switcheroo you do isn't going to actually hurt anyone.

Brother Sister Prank

2. Craft a Homemade Card

This is a another good one that's simple for all age groups. Get out a piece of paper, some colored markers or crayons and make a handmade card just to say I love you brother (or sister). You don't have to be a great artist or writer to make a card that expresses your true feelings.

3. Serve Breakfast in Bed

Here's one that you can do if your sibling lives with you: surprise them with a luxurious breakfast while they're still in bed. With the current pandemic and stay-at-home orders still in place you may even be lucky enough to be home temporarily sheltering in place with another grownup sib at your parent's house, so this would be a really nice thing to do for them.

4. Text A Memorable Sibling Photo

If you're separated by distance, look through your old photos and find one of that special brother or sister moment that's either memorable or funny. Then, using your favorite text overlay smartphone app (my favorite is Canva) to turn it into a witty meme and text it to them.

5. Make a Phone Call

If you live far away from each other, perhaps the most quaint and meaningful idea is simply to pick up the phone. Call your brother and/or sister to chat and wish them a Happy National Brothers and Sisters Day!

Lavendar Rotary Telephone

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