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Retro Fathers Day Dad Gift Guide 2020

Fathers Day 

Retro Father's Day Dads Gift Guide

Thanks to the brands who collaborated with MBE for this special gift guide.  This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are honest, inspired by my own favorite dad gift picks for Father's Day 2020.

Nostalgic Gift Ideas for All Kinds of Dads

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As Father's Day (June 21, 2020) approaches, I want to shine a huge spotlight on today's modern Dad who is devoted to his family, yet often is still an unsung hero. He's the first man kids ever love, the one who supports, nurtures and loves us unconditionally in return. Each father is unique, but just as special to his children and spouse. With all the uncertainty in the world and here in the U.S. right now, many have found ourselves yearning for the good old days. We've slowed down, rediscovering the simple pleasures in life: casual walks through the neighborhood with the kids and meaningful family discussions around the dinner table, to name just a few.

1950s Black Rotary Telephone
Father's Day Card I made as a kid with rotary phone, Circa 1950-60s

That going back to basics sentiment to what really matters in life, along with memories from a Baby Boomer childhood growing up with my Daddy, is what influenced the old-fashioned and retro gifts curated for this special Mommy Blog Expert Father's Day 2020 Gift Guide. Among my picks you'll find fun and thoughtful gift giving options for a wide variety of different types of dads of every age, ideas that have appeal across generations. So, of course, don't forget to remember the Grand Dads and Great Grandfathers you may be lucky enough to have in your life, too.

Antique 1950 Baby Carriage
Dad pushing my baby carriage during the Baby Boom

Mountaineer Premium Beard Care Kit - For the Bearded Dad

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While beards never went out of style for some, they weren't in vogue during my own father's time and, in fact, most post-WWII office dress codes prohibited men from appearing unshaven at work. But beards are indeed having a moment now, with my own husband and two 20-something sons all favoring the contemporary well-groomed beard trend.

Mountaineer All Nature Beard Care

The vibe of the 5-piece Mountaineer Premium Original Blend Beard Care Kit ($48) pictured which MBE received -- with beard wash, beard oil, beard balm, beard brush and beard comb --  recalls the rugged, outdoorsy men of the Gold Rush era and the lumberjacks who followed them. Mountaineer products are not only free of harmful chemicals, they are made with only natural ingredients like jojoba, grapeseed oil, almond oil and more. Products are packaged sustainably, too, in glass bottles and jars. Other beard care products in the collection include individual items and a Classic 4-piece Beard Kit ($14.99-$48). From Mountaineer Brand or Amazon.

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Plastic-Free Luxury Men's Bath Set - For the Clean-Shaven Dad

If your man does shave, we also have a wonderful present suggestion for him. This Plastic-Free luxury bath and shave bundle ($179) was specially created for Father's Day and includes eight items ranging from shaving essentials and a bamboo toothbrush to a hand-thrown ceramic lather bowl and oldtime style shaving brush, along with large zipper pouch featuring one of Wyland's under the sea designs and more. 

Plastic Free Mens Shave Kit Wyland Foundation

All products in this gift set are sustainable and -- like everything you buy in their online shop with proceeds supporting the non-profit Wyland Foundation, which is focused on clean water and protecting our oceans. From Wyland Foundation

Ray-Ban Sunglasses - For the Stylish Dad

With the clip on Ray-Ban sunglasses my Daddy wore for most of his life as a parent, he could have been the poster father for this iconic brand, founded in 1936. I'll never forget how carefully he guarded his precious pair in the brown leather case they came in -- whether he was driving the family on road trips in his unairconditioned 1957 Chevy or taking just me on a fishing outing to one of our local lakes.  Luckily, for modern Dads, those classic retro clip-ons are still available today as are these very cool unisex Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses featuring classic Wayfarer shape frames in Mock Tortoise/Arista Gold, glass lens and protective UV with hard snap close case. From

Ray Ban Designer Sunglasses for Men, the Father's Day 2020 gifting solution, offers a full array of designer glasses for men as well as for the rest of the family including women and kids, available in an array of styles and sizes, both non-prescription and prescription (for an addition cost). So email your dad this virtual try-on tool now and invite him to pick out his fave style and designer sunglass brand from what he thinks looks best on him, your treat.

Man Crates Booze-Infused Snacks Crate - For the Foodie Dad

From Man Crates comes a huge assortment of man-themed retro gift boxes to choose from that each ship in a sealed wooden crate along with a laser-etched mini crowbar for the Dad in your life to sweat a little bit while he works to crack his gift open.  As you can see in this funny video of my husband trying to get to his gift, all that effort to use the crowbar to get inside will all be worth it when he sees what's inside this very unique and delicious gift box.

Man Crates Fathers Day Gift Box

The Man Crates Booze-Infused Snack Crate ($59.99) MBE received for review includes: Caramel Single Malt Scotch, Craft Beer & Pretzel Caramels Pouch, Rum Peanuts, Hudson Bourbon Chocolate Bar, and Gin & Tonic Chocolate Bar. Just one of a huge selection of wood craft gift baskets with other options Dad will appreciate. A tip for those who give this gift: Try and be there when Dad opens his gift so everyone in the family can get it on the fun and excitement of the ultimate Father's Day gift unboxing. From ManCrates and Amazon

1950s Family Midcentury Modern Living Room
The Ultimate Mid-Century Modern Dad With My Brother & Me

14K Gold Slinky Toy - For the Big Kid at Heart Dad

What's more classic than Slinky, a throwback that was a huge toy trend for Boomers in the 1950s-1960s? The 14K Gold Slinky grown up version is inspired by the original sensation Richard James, a U.S. Navy engineer, invented after seeing how a torsion spring reacted when he dropped it on the floor. The rest is history, with James' invention debuting in 1945 as a popular child's toy not requiring batteries or an electrical connection.

14K Gold Slinky Toy

This simple amusement is just as fun for Dad to play with at his office desk or at home with the kids. As the catchy 1962 TV commercial jingle goes... "Who walks the stairs without a care, it shoots so high in the sky...The best present to give or get... Everyone knows it's Slinky." Every purchase supports The Philip Glass House. From The Glass House

Father-Son Tie and Bow Tie Set - For Dad & His Little Guy

Your hubbie is such a good Daddy to you son. Unlike past generations, he's truly a hands on father whether it's changing the baby's diapers or spending one-on-one time with a tween or teen son. Here's a Father's Day gift idea to solidify the close bond he feels with his mini me. We'd like to suggest this stylish Armoniia Father and Son Matching Necktie and Bow Tie Set ($29.95). 

Armoniia Father Son Tie Bowtie Set

Currently available in purple like the set we received, as well as in six other prints and colors. Each luxurious tie set is beautifully presented and individually boxed, including a handmade 100% polyester adult size tie and a matching bow tie -- in your choice of size either Baby 6-18 months, Boy 2-12 years, or Adult 12+ years -- for giving to that special handsome duo in your life. From Armoniia and Amazon

Dads Documentary on Apple TV+ - For the Sentimental Dad

Speaking of the devoted and involved modern fathers of today, here's a new multi-generational documentary suitable for grownup viewers which we had the opportunity to screen in advance. Just in time for Father's Day 2020, the movie Dads will be streaming on Apple TV. Directed by Bryce Dallas Howard who is daughter of the great director Ron Howard but a talented filmmaker in her own right, this will touch the hearts and souls of Daddies and significant others raising young families now as well as those of us who have adult children.

Dads Documentary Movie Review

Equally funny and heartfelt, interviews about today's parenting challenges are artfully intertwined with every day and celebrity fathers sharing their personal upbeat stories about celebrating fatherhood and what it means to them. In addition to spliced in clips from the Howard family's personal home movie vault showing young Ron as a new father, contemporary scenes feature Bryce's brother talking about becoming a first-time Dad as well as the late Rance Howard recalling what his son Ron was like as a boy. From Apple TV+

Craft Beer Gift Set - For the Dad Who Loves Good Brews

When you order a Tavour Craft Beer Gift Basket ($35-$99), you never know which beers will be in your shipment since they work with 600+ different independent micro breweries. As you can see from just a few of the beers Tavour sent us for this gift guide, like Illuminated Brew Works Fruit Slave India Pale Ale and Urban Artifacts Epicurean Peanut Butter Banana & Jelly  -- and from the brand's photo showing a sample box of bottle and can beer varieties -- these are indeed eclectic. 

What you can expect is an assorted brews (many with retro inspired labels) to be delivered direct to the doorstep of that special father. Your gift recipient is in for some unpredictable surprises, but one thing is for sure, this gift will likely be the most unique present your dad has ever received. The selection of micro brewery combinations and sizes on tap for purchase for every taste feature your choice of Sample Mixed Beer, Stout Beer, Sour Beer, IPA Beer, and Mixed Beer Tavour Gift Boxes. For 21+ only, From Tavour 

The Original Spirograph Design Set (New) - For the Retro Artsy Dad

Another classic non-electronic toy from days gone by is back. I'm a Baby Boomer and I still have the antique Kenner's New Spirograph Set which you see pictured here behind the modern day version which I received from the brand: The Original Spirograph Design Set by Kahootz ($14.99).

This 15-piece set with 7 Spirograph Precision Wheels and other tools, which unlike it's 50+ year old predecessor that came in a big flimsy cardboard box, comes in a handy, snap-close Spirograph tin. Spirograph is a cinch to use, with no artistic talent needed so your dad doesn't have to know how to draw. The compact packaging also makes it perfect for dad to pack in his work bag so he can doodle at the office when he feels stressed out or he can bring it in the car on the next family roadtrip to share for hours of fun of creating a seemingly endless array of geometric, colorful designs with the kids. From PlayMonster 

Dad, the intrepid family road trip organizer & driver

Pontoon Trout Story Belt - For the Fisherman Dad

Whether he comes home telling you fish tales about the big one that got away or he brings a several beautiful trout to barbeque, Dads who fish are a quite a special lot, aren't they? No matter what kind of fishing he does, when you give him this beautifully designed Pontoon Trout Story Belt ($59), it's likely to be a real keeper. 

Image from Orvis

Crafted with an antiqued silvertone buckle, the belt is constructed of weathered leather and olive webbed backing and features a fish story told through embroidery renditions of four different trout (Brook, Golden, Brown, and Rainbow) in a repeating pattern. Available in sizes 34-42 and Made in the USA, this thoughtful gift may be destined to become dad's new favorite belt. From Orvis 

The Pocket Guide to Camping - For the Outdoor Dad

The father you to whom you give this pocket-size paperback book prefers being outside, enjoying fresh air, hiking, nature, and camping. He's the type of dad who relies on his trusty old-fashioned compass that always points True North, instead of GPS. First published in 2011, The Pocket Guide to Camping ($9.99) by Linda and Katherine White, a Colorado mother-daughter writing team, is still highly rated. 

Fishing, hiking & camping Dad, always in his element

I love this book sent to my own family of six by the publisher. With its charming two color ink line drawings, in a nutshell, this is the original DIY Camping 101 book covering all the campout basics he'll need while out on the trail. Included is a recipe to make your own trail mix and other traditional camp foods from days gone by. Also included: how to pitch a cabin-style family-size tent, how to build a campfire the old-fashioned way with kindling gathered from the woods instead of charcoal and lighter fluid, and how to camp safely (think trail marking, sunstroke, dehydration, insect bites, poisonous plants and other potential dangers). The little book is big on valuable information, literally leaving no stone unturned for those who read it. From Amazon and many other booksellers

Who is the Dad You Love?

I know my dad would have appreciated any of these Father's Day gifts since my he was the heart of my inspiration for the presents that resonated with me. Hoping I've helped you find the perfect gift for the deserving daddy in your own life.  

Stay tuned, as I discover new retro-inspired dad gift ideas I'll be sharing here with you.

Dad Driving Truck With Kids on North Dakota Farm
Dad taking us for a joy ride on the farm in North Dakota 

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Happy Father's Day
To All Dads!

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