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Finding Inner Peace In Uncertain Times


5 Tips to Find Inner Peace in Stressful Times

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In these stressful and turbulent times, with the pandemic raging on seemingly with no bounds, feeling centered and finding calm and inner peace has never been more important. This is of course true for just about everyone right now. But it is especially a reality for today's moms and dads who have been trying so hard to multitask like never before, working from home while also homeschooling and looking after one or more children.

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Take Time for Yourself

Here are my own tips for achieving an overall sense of well-being

1. Look Inward

Slow down and look inward. Take the time to care for your emotional and spiritual self so you'll have the stamina and energy to nurture and be present for the family members or friends around you. Take notice in the simple pleasures in front of your eyes and model that sense of positivity and gratitude for your loved ones, especially children who look to you for how to react. Begin each morning as you open your eyes by just being thankful that you are very much alive.

2. Make Music

Soft music, whether it's classical, white noise, or new age is thought to soothe the soul. If you haven't tried it before, try playing a recording of the calming sound of a bubbling brook as it laps against the smooth river rocks or the pitter patter of raindrops gently falling on the forest floor. You'll be surprised what kind of naturally sedating effect gentle music has on a perfectly healthy, but fussy baby who just won't fall asleep. In fact, playing the same classical music every night at bedtime in my triplets room really helped lull my babies to sleep.

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Amethyst Natural Crystal 

3. Get Outside & Play

Make sure you get enough fresh air and light outdoors every day, weather permitting. It really is true that a little outside time will often leave you feeling more refreshed when you return inside. Exercise and play are an important component of that time outdoors for everyone, both the kids and us grownups. An added benefit of getting out gives you another way of looking at the world, surrounding you with nature: blue sky, clouds, sunrises and sunsets, flowers and trees, wildlife like birds chirping, and more depending on where you live. Yes, even if you live in the city, really open your eyes, ears and other senses, and you will experience a different feeling outside that you can bring home in your mind.

4. Be Kinder to Others

We're not just talking about the people under your own roof. Nor do I mean just common decency and treating other human beings with respect. What I suggest is to go out of your way to say something nice to that hard working cashier at the supermarket. When you do, it will almost certainly leave both of you feeling a whole lot better afterward. What's more is that when you do this simple act of kindness with a child within earshot, they will be watching and learning from you by example how gratifying it can be when you say or do something nice -- however small -- beyond what is expected. Before you know it, you'll be raising a child who multiples his or her own joy simply by giving of themselves and being kind to others.

5. Create a Calming Environment

Aromatherapy is yet another avenue to spreading a sense of calm and feeling of wellbeing across your household. For me, there's nothing more relaxing than the smell of a burning scented candle, like the Hand Poured Hawaiian Sunset Soy Candle I recently received from The Spa Girl Life, which also came with a tiny white pouch including two amethyst crystal stones. With its fragrant notes of orange blossom, lavender, jasmine, rose and musk, this candle fragrance profile not only transports me back to last summer's vacation on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. The scent burning beside me right now makes me also feel more relaxed but at the same time, more energized and creative as I write this story.

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