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Decorating With Chocolate Pen for Kids

Food Art

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Easily Create Beautiful, Edible DIY Chocolate Art

Who doesn't either love chocolate or know someone who does, especially kids, right? If you have one or more chocolate-loving kids or grandkids who also enjoy being in the kitchen and/or getting creative, you have to check out the new, updated Chocolate Pen Craft Kit from Skyrocket Toys which we discovered at the virtual toy fair and conference Sweet Suite at Home just a few weeks ago.

Chocolate Pen for Kids to Decorate and Eat

As you can see from the candy, cookie and cake masterpieces crafted for this story by my darling nephew (age 6) and niece (age 4) -- created under the watchful eyes of Nuriyyeh, their crafty mom -- the Chocolate Pen is a fun creative outlet for both boys and girls. It's an activity which can help build your child's creative skills, fine motor skills, and sense of pride and accomplishment, too. 

Once the box is opened and you've reviewed the simple instructions with your youngsters to set everything up, kids can let the magical fun begin, to easily draw, write, and decorate with the included pink, blue, white and brown meltable chocolate as well as make colorful, detailed chocolate candies  with the candy molds also included in the set.

Chocolate Pen Boy Decorates Cookie

But, the delights don't have to be limited just to younger kids. Crafty tweens, teens and grownups with more developed hand and eye coordination and skills and a longer attention span might also have hours of fun making fancy chocolates, and decorating homemade and store-bought cookies, cakes and other sweet treats with chocolate. Potentially this can result in some edible works of art you'll be proud serve for every day and special occasions.

How the Chocolate Pen Works

According to Nuriyyeh, "The Chocolate Pen has so much going for it and is a great way for mom, dad or the grandparents to engage with kids as well as bond and enjoy some quality time together. Straight out of the box, the well-written instructions are easy to follow. What's more is that this unique pen, which when filled releases melted chocolate at the push of a button, came already assembled. All I had to do was get out a screwdriver to open the pen and add two AAA batteries which I luckily had on hand to get started.

Chocolate Pen Girl With Candy Mold

"The warming tray took about 20 minutes to warm up and kept the chocolate at a good consistency to use with the pen the whole time the kids were working with it. The pen is also simple to switch from "fill mode" to "draw mode" and fits in small hands well. The chocolate molds in this starter set including some bonus molds inspired by Blume Dolls are really fun to make, setting well and producing nice shapes.

"Adding to the fun is the see-through parchment paper with tracing sheets which also came with the set, building creative confidence and guiding the kids with the design process. An added plus, from a mom-perspective, is that both the pen and warmer are easy to disassemble and clean.

Chocolate Pen Set Skyrocket Toys Boy Girl

"Long story short is both my kids had a real blast letting their inner artist go wild with the Chocolate Pen and were so proud of their creations as you can see by their big smiles," Nuriyyeh says. 

"Luckily the brand offers chocolate refill packs, so you never have to run out of chocolate to decorate more sweets after you've used up the generous amount of melting chocolate that is included in the set. Thinking ahead, this will be a handy kitchen creative tool for them (and me) to use to decorate cookies and desserts for holidays and special occasions throughout the year as well as to make gifts for their teachers, family and friends."

Multi-Generational Fun: See the Chocolate Pen in Action...

The Chocolate Pen Craft Set includes

  • Chocolate Pen Designed for Kids
  • Drawing Tip
  • Warming Tray With Lid
  • 4 Tasty Chocolate Colors
  • Stirring Stick
  • 40 Mold Designs
  • Charging Cable
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Recommended for Ages 6+
Additional Items Needed (Not Included in Set)

Chocolate Pen Boy With Cake

More about the Chocolate Pen

The Chocolate Pen from Skyrocket Toys is fun boys and girls, as well as tweens, teens and grownups.  The Chocolate Pen crafting kit  and the Chocolate Pen refill set are available in-store and online in the US and Canada. In addition to the basic kit featured in our review, there is also a Chocolate Pen Bonus Set which comes with even more chocolate for crafting sweet treats. 

Remember, whichever set you buy, you'll also need a 2 amp powerblock wall plug (for warming tray) and two AAA batteries for the Chocolate Pen.

For lots of creative inspiration and to learn more check out the brand's website as well as follow them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and  Twitter.

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