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Words on Bathroom Walls Movie Review Giveaway


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Spotlighting Teenage Mental Health

The upcoming indie drama love story film Words on Bathroom Walls (2020, Roadside Attractions) brings a sensitive, but important discussion to both parents of teens and young people about better understanding teenage mental health and supporting those who suffer from serious illnesses like schizophrenia. The big screen movie release, brought to viewers jointly by LD Entertainment and Roadside Attractions, is scheduled to hit select theaters nationwide on August 21.

What happens when life throws a teenager a curve? You never know what lies behind that unexpected bend in the road...

Winding Road

Movie Opens Friday, Plus Enter Giveaway Below 

Words on Bathroom Walls, directed by Thor Freudenthal, is based on the young adult novel by the same name by Julia Walton. Charlie Plummer brilliantly plays the lead role of Adam, who abruptly is diagnosed as a schizophrenic half way through his senior year of high school. The plot progresses as he begins to hallucinate, trying to fit in by hiding his illness from the kids at school. After an explosive and embarrassing mental breakdown incident he is expelled from public school and sent to a private Catholic academy which has reluctantly accepted him.

Changing schools and trying to find medication that works with minimal side effects unfortunately doesn't seem to be helping much. So, Adam continues a lonely downward spiral. Luckily, before he reaches a point of no return, a cast of characters swoops in to help him stand up again and point him in the right direction. 

Among the actors of note creating Adam's caring support system include Molly Parker as Beth, his devoted single mother; Taylor Russell as Maya, a fellow classmate and tutor turned girlfriend; and Andy Garcia as a kindly older non-judgmental Catholic priest and father figure. Together they help Adam find acceptance of the disease he is afflicted with which has no cure. 


Words on Bathroom Walls
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Words on Bathroom Walls Movie Giveaway
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Words on Bathroom Walls Teen Movie Review
Image courtesy of LD Entertainment & Roadside Attractions Films

About Words on Bathroom Walls

From LD Entertainment and Roadside Attractions Films and rated PG-13, Words on Bathroom Walls (2020) is scheduled for nationwide theatrical release on Friday, August 21, 2020. Watch the movie trailer and visit the official site for details about the film. Also, learn more by following the movie on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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