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Peace Quiet for Stressed Out Parents

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Banish Sleepless Nights & Daytime Noise

Parents with kids of all ages know it's an ongoing challenge to carve out quiet me-time for ourselves. This couldn't be truer today as the pandemic rages on. With school closures and winter approaching, children are spending more time indoors while moms and dads working at home are trying to concentrate. Since that family background noise isn't going to magically disappear, I'm excited to tell haggard parents about my latest discovery: QuietOn, the world's smallest high performance noise canceling earbuds, which can be a real sanity saver, delivering quietude when you want and need it most.

Mom Toddler Baby Triplets at Beach
With my eldest (3), 2-year old Triplets, Vintage Family Photo 

Mother Always Knows Best

Believe me, as a writer and mom of four kids born in a year including triplets (all once upon a time in diapers simultaneously), I definitely know first-hand how elusive finding a few minutes of peace and quiet can be. 

In fact, that's how I became the Mommy Blog Expert in sleep deprivation, among other parenting talents of exhaustion like absent-mindedly handing a baby bottle to my hubby when he asked for a glass of wine at dinner. No lie, that really did happen more than once I have to admit.

Even under normal circumstances few parents would disagree -- raising even a single child -- family living day to day can be downright exhausting, stressing you out so much you may not be thinking as clearly as you could be, not to mention having trouble squeezing in a badly-needed nap while the baby is sleeping or falling asleep at night after a particularly hectic day. 

There's no denying it, we all deserve the occasional respite from all the sounds and chaos of busy family life. That's where QuietOn can become your new best friend.

QuietOn Worlds Smallest Noise Cancellation Ear Buds

QuietOn Noise Canceling Ear Buds

  • Features the company's proprietary active noise cancelling (ANC) technology 
  • Are hand tuned to cancel out low frequencies, which conventional foam earplugs cannot attain
  • Fits securely and comfortably in ears during sleep as well as for work and travel
  • Delivers 20 hours of continuous use on a single battery charge
  • Includes a self-enclosed charging carrying case small enough to fit in the palm of the hand and charging cable 
  • Comes with medium pre-installed soft ear tips as well as two interchangeable sets of smaller and larger foam tips for a perfect fit in a wide range of ear sizes 
  • Makes a thoughtful and creative gift for mothers-to-be at baby showers, new parents and just about anyone else looking for more peace and quiet in their lives
  • Available for $219 USD, shipped direct to you or a loved one

Gift Weary Parents Peace & Quality Sleep

For new mothers -- who often are the primary caregivers of their infants -- QuiteOn makes an unforgettable and thoughtful baby shower gift the recipient will be grateful for in years to come. But that's not to say the dads might not also be sleep deprived, especially if they're holding down a full-time job outside the home on top of helping out with night time feedings and diaper changes. 

Either way, this is something moms and dads can use and benefit from, paving the way to a good night's sleep for both. Luckily, in addition to the QuiteOn Sleep Ear Buds featured in this review, there's also a Double QuietOn Pack ($438 USD ) offered to save both the night and day for all the overtired mothers and fathers out there. These as well as several of the brand's other noise canceling ear bud sets may purchased via the company's official website.  

QuietOn Noise Canceling Ear Buds

Stop counting those sheep and
Start sleeping like a lamb...

QuietOn Enhances Life Beyond Parenting

Now that my kids are self-supporting 20-somethings and living on the opposite coast, you'd think I wouldn't need QuietOn earbuds anymore, right? 

Well guess what? My husband and I may be empty nesters but until recently, neither of us was sleeping well because of all-night snoring. That is, until I regained quality, uninterrupted sleep by wearing QuietOn earbuds at night.

What's more is the earbuds the brand sent me for this review already have proved beneficial while working in my home office. Since I'm a writer, distracting outside noises tend to dampen my motivation, creativity and overall energy level. So now, when thinking, reading, and writing, thanks to the high quality noise cancellation I'm enjoying, I am much more focused and productive.

Taking it one step further, I can easily see QuietOn earbuds being just the thing I need to sleep well on our frequent red eye transcontinental flights to visit our kids. Even during daylight hours while traveling for business or leisure, I intend to bring these tiny sanity savers along, so I can read, write, and concentrate better and work in complete silence. They will also come in handy, no doubt, if there's baby sitting near me crying non-stop on a flight from LA to New York -- something that really has happened to me more than once.

Toddler Triplets Eating in Booster Seats High Chair
Feeding Time at the Zoo at my house, Vintage Family Photo

My toddler helping haggard Mommy
feed our 2-year old triplets

Peace and Quiet You Can Count On

How I miss those Halcyon days as well as wish QuietOn noise cancellation ear buds had been around when my own four were little. Today's parents are so fortunate to have such a reliable and helpful easy-to-use tech-based survival tool available to help get through the hectic days ahead as well as to help navigate parenthood in general with a clear head. 

Parents, whether you have a colicky newborn or a loud teenager, QuietOn can help restore peace and quiet to your busy household. The ability to achieve a good night's sleep while still being able to hear your infant as needed (or your teen sneaking home after curfew) is a blissful reminder that you can indeed have it all, including peace and quiet. 

Beyond more energy for all that parenting, these are also useful for traveling or if you have a spouse who snores like a big semi truck rumbling down the freeway, or really any other time you seek peace, tranquility, and calm.

QuietOn Noise Canceling Ear Buds

Get Ready to Quiet On...

About QuietOn

Nordic company QuietOn, based in Finland, is the innovative developer of the world's smallest active noise cancelling earbuds which incorporate the Finnish sensibilities of simplicity, peace and tranquility. The lifestyle tech device -- already owned by tens of thousands of satisfied consumer and business users in 120+ countries -- is specifically designed to enable restful sleep as well as quiet in noisy or loud indoor and outdoor environments. Learn more by visiting the brand's website as well as following QuietOn on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Available direct from the manufacturer as well as on Amazon.

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  1. Those earbuds look amazing. I have some earbuds too, and they are very helpful. I need to check these out because they look really nice.

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  5. Oh my gosh, I need these in my life! We have a dog that likes to get up in the middle of the night to find a new spot. The jingle of his dog tags wakes me up. Then there are nights when my husband snores. He says I snore like a freight train so maybe I should get two pairs.

  6. I bought wireless headphones when I had my last daughter and while not noise-cancelling they were still a wonderful wish-I-found-you-sooner thing.

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