Tuesday, October 5, 2021

DIY Outdoor String Lighting Ideas With Novtech

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Add Sparkle With Easy, DIY Lighting

Whether you'd like to make your home or garden more beautiful to look at this fall, winter, and/or during the holiday season, market outdoor string lights are an easy and lovely way to redecorate your family and kids living spaces without breaking the bank. 

LED Light Bulb

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Come to think of it, it's crazy simple to get creative and set up your own outdoor lighting without hiring a professional designer, landscape architect or electrician and -- whenever the mood strikes you for something different -- to change things up by yourself without stressing out with no special tools needed.

As you'll see from the photos throughout this post, I decorated both our patio and backyard with Novtech LED Outdoor String Lights, which are water- and shatter-proof. In fact, durability and high quality lighting like this is absolutely essential if you want to enjoy your exterior decorative lighting season-to-season, rain, sleet or snow. 

What's more, if your children are helping you hang up your lights (under close supervision by  a responsible person, of course) you definitely don't want the bulbs to break or shatter and ruin your decorating attempt. Trust me it happens: kids (and us big kids at heart) drop things all too often or you may even accidentally step on these lights like I did while working on this project -- without any bulb breakage. Simply put, you want these sparkling display beauties to last: so make sure your lights are shatter proof.

Decorating Your Garden With String Lights

Create a Space Reflecting Your Uniqueness

The possibilities of what you can do with good quality LED outdoor string lighting are endless for year-round enjoyment. Your personality and unique style and preferences are your only limitations.

Let your creativity run wild to create an outdoor light-up space that truly speaks to you. And while you're at it, why not get your kids and family involved in the creative process? It's as simple as unpacking your box of LED String Lights and hanging them up however you choose. 

Fairy Garden DIY Decorative LED Lighting


How to Make a Fairy Garden Twinkle

Why have a drab garden when you can have a brightly lit outdoor area that's pretty to look at, even during the cooler months when not many flowers are in bloom? This is a quick and easy human-sized fairy light garden DIY project if you have trees or other large, sturdy plants in your yard or if you live in an apartment with a balcony with potted plants you might decorate. 

To create this look, all I did was drape some standard Novtech string lights (featuring standard light bulb sized lights) over the shrubs and around some tree trunks in our backyard, using the branches as anchors. 

Alternately, if you need leverage for hanging the lights, you can thread the included cable ties (or your own garbage bag plastic twist tie closures) through the dime-size loop at the top of each bulb. Then loop around sturdy branches or attach them to garden stakes set into the ground with small nails hammered into each stake to support the lights.

Paper Chain DIY String Lights

Paper Chain Garland String Lights

If you don't have any greenery to hang the lights on to, not to worry. How about decorating your patio, deck, or other outdoor space instead? Cut brightly colored construction paper into strips then put the kids to work making paper chains using tape, glue, or staples to link them together. One of my girls, now in her mid 20s, still prides herself as chief paper chain maker of  our family when we decorate our outdoor dining space for the Jewish holiday of Sukkot each fall. 

While the kids are making vibrant decorative paper chains under the watchful eyes of a caregiver, you can be hanging the lights up (using small nails if there's no other existing supports for the light strings). The last step is to help your child stand on a chair or step ladder to twist and drape the paper chains parallel to the lights, spiraling them around the LED string lights, similar to the way you'd hang crepe paper party streamers across a room.

These are just a few ideas to inspire you and get you started. Remeber: The sky's the limit (night time for the most dramatic displays, for sure) to all the things you can do with Novtech LED String Lights. Order yours now, see below for more details and where to buy. 

About Novtech LED Outdoor String Lights

The shatterproof, waterpoof, energy-saving warm white Novtech LED Outdoor String Lights featured in this MBE review are available in two lengths: 53 Feet with 15 Bulbs and 101.1 Feet with 30 Bulbs. Both light options are commercial grade quality -- the same sort of outdoor market lighting that is so popular with restaurants and public places -- and can easily be translated to smaller scale decorating at home both indoors and outside.

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