Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Clifford The Big Red Dog Movie Release


Clifford The Big Red Dog Movie Now in Theaters, Paramount+

Woof! Who's excited about this new family-friendly feature film release for kids? The long-anticipated Clifford The Big Red Dog animation-live action hybrid movie from Paramount Pictures and Scholastic Entertainment FINALLY opens in theaters and can also be seen on Paramount+ as of Wednesday, November 10th.

Clifford The Big Red Dog Movie Poster

The Storyline

The new adventure comedy movie, like the long-running animated TV series, is based on the character Clifford The Big Red Dog made famous by the Scholastic book series authored by Norman Bridwell. In this full-length picture, the tale is more realistic than ever, with middle school student Emily Elizabeth (played by Darby Camp), meeting a magical animal rescuer who gives her a small, sweet red puppy which she brings home. 

Clifford Big Red Dog Movie Scene Emily Darby Camp
A scene from the film, Darby Camp on the Red Carpet

Soon after Emily brings her new pet home, she is amazed to wake up in her tiny NYC apartment to find that her little pup has been transformed into a giant 10 foot tall red dog. While her single mom is away from home, Emily, her loveable big red dog, along with her fun, but mischievious Uncle Casey take off on a non-stop adventure to explore the Big Apple together.

Teaching Tips, Free Printables

Click on the Clifford The Big Red Dog Teacher Tips Sheet image below for a classroom teaching guide as well as fun, free kids coloring pages and activity printables for parents to download for children to enjoy at home.

Clifford The Red Dog Movie Free Printables

Clifford-Size Your Pet

Connect to the free Clifford-Size Your Pet mobile app to magically turn your own pet's photo into a giant animal just like Clifford The Big Red Dog.

Clifford AR Experience

There's also more free fun to celebrate the Clifford The Big Red Dog movie release. Check out the new Clifford AR Experience app now!

More about Clifford The Big Red Dog Movie

As of today, Clifford The Big Red Dog Movie (2021, rated PG) is now in theaters nationwide as well as is watchable on Paramount+. Stay up to date by following the new movie on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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