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Magicube Building STEM Toy Kids Review Giveaway

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Magnetic Eco-Friendly Building Blocks

Screen-free toys which are fun, safe, and specially designed for toddlers and preschoolers to start building STEM skills early are a truly wonderful way to enrich little ones' minds with educational play that doesn't involve a smartphone, tablet, or computer. If you are a mom or dad of a child between the ages of one and five years old -- if you aren't already aware of this innovative toy -- I'd like to introduce you to Swiss toy brand Geomagworld's Magicube line of magnetic building blocks.

Boy Playing With Magnetic Toy Building Blocks

What's Different About Magicube

Unlike traditional wood blocks you may have played with as a child yourself, Magicube Shapes are construction building block toys that are magnetic on all sides. This innovative toy encourages kids to be creative thinkers allowing them to build almost anything they can imagine, while at the same time nurturing STEM-based skills in a fun way which will grow and be there for them to draw upon throughout their school years and into their adult careers and lives. 

With Magicube Shapes, hands-on learning to recognize primary colors and shapes as well as about the physics of magnetism is just the beginning of growing both fine motor skills and intellectual abilities in both boys and girls. What's more is that every Magicube piece in each of four sets currently available are good for our planet because they are eco-friendly, constructed with 100% recycled plastic. Sets -- offering traditional cubes as well as half cube quarter circle, and half sphere shapes -- are expandable, too, to grow from basic design materials for 1 year-olds to sets with more complex building potential that appeals to six years-old.

STEM Kids Toddler Preschooler Toys

MBE Magicube Giveaway

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Magicube Shapes Recycled 25-Piece Set

The Geomag Magicube Shapes Recycled Little World 25-piece set (available in the US from for $59.99) featured in this review is the latest addition to the Geomag Magicube Shape collection. The new set provides little ones with everything they need, including free rolling wheels, to build moving vehicles and more. 

"As you can see, pictures speak a thousand words," says Rachel Marks, mother of two sons, a toddler and preschooler. "My boys both loved this 25-piece building toy and both were eager to immediately open the box and start playing as soon as the product arrived.

Brothers Geomag Magicube Unboxing


Toddler and Preschooler Tested

"While his 4 year-old big brother was more interested in building cars and trucks, figures and more complex projects, our 17 month-old toddler was just as content, focusing on simply stacking the blocks on top of each other. Magicube has kept them both entertained, ever since, playing creatively while also learning side by side for hours which a toy that's suitable for both of their age groups. As a mom an added plus -- since the kids are playing on the floor -- is how durable and easy these blocks are to clean. I also think it's truly commendable that a company like Geomag produces green educational toys like this which are completely made with recycled plastic."

About Geomag Magicube

Based in Switzerland, Geomagworld is regarded as an innovative toy manufacturer of magnetic toys. Geomag was invented and patented in 1998 as the first performance magentic construction toy building system. Of the 17 different Magicube sets the company now offers -- all designed to promote creative learning and imaginative play -- four sets are made using 100% recyled plastic. Reinventing the building game with magnetic cubes and blocks, the Swiss company guarantees the highest standards of quality and sustainability for their products to conform to the most stringent European and international safety standards. Visit to learn more.


Geomag Magicube
STEM Building Set
ARV $59.99

Exclusive MBE Giveaway

STEM Toy Giveaway

How to Enter MBE's Giveaway

Thanks to Geomagworld, ONE (1) lucky MBE giveaway participant will be receiving the Geomag Magicube Shapes Recycled Little World 25-piece set featured in our review. To enter this family-friendly giveaway we are offering exclusively for our audience, visit this MBE post on Instagram. Contest is open to US residents only and qualifying winner will be selected at random.

This giveaway runs now through August 22, 2022 at 11:59 pm EST. This contest is not affiliated with Instagram in any way. Geomagworld is providing the prize and is responsible for delivery to winner.

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