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Heaven Sent Family Friendly Movie Review


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Looking for a heart-warming family friendly movie kids and adults can enjoy watching together? Check out Heaven Sent (2023), a newly-released Pure Flix Original Film, now available for viewing exclusively on the Pure Flix platform. 

Heaven Sent Movie Family Friendly

Cast and Crew

This Pure Flix romantic comedy, directed by Joanne Hock, features a cast headlined by Karen Abercrombie as Elise, Jemarcus Kilgore as Derek, and J. Leon Pridgen III as Pastor Patrick Briggs. Also appearing are Charlene Tilton (best known for the TV series Dallas) and others; Abercrombie wrote and executive produced the film.

The Storyline

It's a multi-generational relateable tale about family, forgiveness and love. The heart of Heaven Sent's story revolves around Elise, a woman who is pained by her past, and Patrick, a widowed pastor. Both of them have given up on love. 

As the plot moves forward, this grandmother who has a loving relationship and lives with her social media savvy grandson Derek, discovers he has secretly been filming her on his smartphone and streaming the live footage publicly, just for fun. Before long these reality candid videos go viral, kickstarting a whole lot of craziness and chain reactions among the characters.

Heaven Sent Movie Karen Abercrombie

It's no surprise that grandma feels betrayed by this young man whom she has raised. The ensuing action is a beautiful symphony of scenes filled with family drama, sensitivity, acts of kindness, comedy, conflict and tension.

What happens when faith and technology collide, will Elise and Pastor Patrick finally find love late in life? You'll find out when you watch Heaven Sent, a wholesome love story with heart which will appeal across the generations from sons and daughters, to moms and dads, to grandparents.

Heaven Sent Movie Pure Flix

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