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Father’s Day Gift Guide for Geeky Dads

Gift Ideas

Geeky Gifts Inspired by my Beloved Dad

This year’s top picks list is inspired by my Dad, whom I miss every day but especially on Father’s Day. Hands down he was the prototype geek -- horn-rimmed eyeglasses, high waisted pants, white shirt and tie, he never left for work without a plastic pocket protector.

Geeky Gifts for Guys

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At the office my Dad worked as a signal processing specialist for the telephone company, while at home, Mom affectionately called him "Mr. Fix It" because there was nothing he couldn't repair. From repairing appliance breakdowns to servicing the family car, he easily solved each and every household malfunction. In fact, when I was a kid, I thought his main hobby was fixing stuff. 

Is your Dad hyperfocused or obsessed with a certain lifestyle filled with gadgets and practical tools? Then you are likely to find the perfect geek gift you're shopping for among this curated lineup of Father's Day gifting ideas.

Geekey Multi Function Mini Tool

Geekey Multi-Functional Tool, $22.99

This small house key-sized workhorse gadget is a geek’s mini paradise that rivals practically everything you'd find in a full-size tool box. Yes, this pocket contraption is capable of doing multiple tasks of most those full-sized tools and kitchen gadgets you see surrounding it in the picture above. Built to last the Geekey is made 420 Stainless Steel with 16+ tools and functions including: wire stripper, bowl, protractor, bit driver, ruler (standard and metric), pipe, screwdriver (2/3 slotted, 2/3 phillip), serrated edge, bottle opener and 1/4" open wrench, 3.2/3.3mm bike spoke key and wirebender, imperial/metric closed wrench (1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", M8, M6, M5, M4, M3.5, M2) and lots more, with a lanyard hole at the top to add to Dad's keychain. Best of all, if your father enjoys traveling, this is TSA-compliant as a carryon. Available on Amazon

Cooper and Kid Pigs vs Wolves Box

Cooper and Kid Subscription Box, $65 

A father-child enrichment kit full of five really cool, educational, and engaging activities and projects to work on together, with a new box delivered to your doorstep every 3 months. Each themed DIY set is unique, comes with it's own mission, storyline, and theme. Five categories of fun are included with each shipment: a book, creative projects, themed dinner recipes, building projects, and a surprise you get to create using the shipping box to make something. Just the thing with families with one or more children ages 4-12. Free shipping, save 50% off your first box for a limited time only

Central Perk Coffee Ground Whole Bean

The Central Perk Coffee Company, $16.99

Here's the ideal present for the Dad who appreciates really good artisanal coffee made with premium Arabica beans and can't start the day without his first cup at home. Available in 10 oz bags, I had the opportunity to try Central Perk's three new varieties, all inspired by the iconic Warner Bros. television series: Friends, "Oh. My. Gawd" Cold Brew Blend (Ground), "Gunther!" Espresso (Whole Beans), and "Moo Point" Decaf (Ground). Each of the coffees I sampled is more delicious than the other two, so if getting all three for Dad makes it easy to take advantage of their Free shipping with orders of $40+.

Banana Loca Dad Daughter Kitchen Fun

Banana Loca Banana Stuffing Gadget, $28.99

For the father who loves crazy but practical contraptions, how about the Banana Loca as seen on ABC's Shark Tank? With this quirky device Dad can make sweet treats for the family for dessert at your Father's Day BBQ, on family road trips or for kids' school lunch boxes. The bright yellow banana shaped device is crazy easy to use, too. First, trim off the tip of a fresh banana that's not too green and not too ripe opposite the stem end. Second, use the coring attachment to core out the center of the banana. Next switch to the other attachment, fill up with your choice of filling (peanut butter, Nutella, cream cheese, etc) and gently push to fill the banana. Includes a brush for easy cleaning. Available on Amazon

Father Daughter Blank Journal

Just for Dad & Me, Father-Daughter Journal, $8.49/$18.99

There's nothing like the special bond between dads and daughters, right? This journal by Han-Son is a keepsake diary for today's fathers to share with their daughters. Featuring interactive prompts, it's the place for both fathers and daughters to fill in the blanks by handwriting in their unique thoughts. It's an opportunity for each to write down their thoughts on both the fun moments and the difficult serious conversations, in a kind and sensitive way. Published by Daddilife, a 150,00o+ strong modern dads community who's mission is to help bridge the generation gap with kids, this journal is available on Amazon in paper back and hard copy

National Geographic Kids Money Book

Not-So-Common Cents: Facts About Money, $13.49 

If your dad is always saying money doesn't grow on trees, check out this fun and educational new 2023 book from National Geographic Kids. Though this book targets ages 8 to 11, you and your father will enjoy reading and learning from this book together. It's loaded with an abundance of fascinating facts and new things to learn about, most which might be new to one or both of you. One example is the history of money and how society went from bartering to using currency. You'll learn about the basics of investing, interest, and credit, as well as demystify the world of cryptocurrency and other "new" money. Not-So-Common Cents:  Super Duper Important Facts About Money You Can't Afford to Miss, by Sarah Wassner Flynn, is available in paper back on Amazon

Heat It Smartphone Bug Bite Treatment

Heat It Insect Bite Treatment for Insect Bites, $39.95

Bug bites and stings (and resulting itching and swelling) are synonymous with summer so this is a gadget your dad will want to have at the ready. It's easy to use with his iPhone or Android phone to treat insect bites on contact as soon as they happen whether he's out on the trail hiking, camping with the family, relaxing in the backyard or anywhere else where people may be exposed to mosquito and other bug bites. To use: Plug the Heat It device into your smartphone, the product's app (installed once ahead of time) then automatically opens then adjust the treatment settings before pressing start; a signal lets you know when the device's preheating is completed and then all you do is press Heat It onto the affected skin area for the brief time indicated.  Available in two versions for iPhone and Android (phones not included) at Amazon and REI

JLab Work Buds True Wireless Earbuds, $79.99 

This is the gift every working Dad needs: the new, recently introduced JLab Work Buds with Removable Boom Mic and Charging Dock. With these high quality earbuds in his ears whether he's on a work call or calling home to help the kids with their homework, he'll be able to hear and speak as clearly as possible, thanks to the noise-canceling mic boom to eliminate outside distractions such as outdoors or in a crowded room. What's more in the mic boom can be used with either the right or left earbud or can be completely removed to use his earbuds alone if he'd rather just listen to music or to that audio book he is listening too whenever he has a free moment. Available on Amazon

JLab Wireless Earbuds with Mic

JLab JBuds Air Pro True Wireless Earbuds, $59.99 

Wireless Earbuds don't get any better than these for fathers who travel for work and who insist on high quality sound when wearing wireless ear buds. JBudsAir Pro True Wireless Earbuds, which come with a compact Portable Charging Case that fits in his pocket, deliver 9+ hours of listening on a single charge.  Cool features include the ability to connect to two devices simultaneously thanks to Bluetooth Multipoint, so Dad can use earbuds while he's on his smartphone and at his laptop, while on a flight, at the office, or at home. They're great for active fathers to wear when enjoying leisure time working out at the gym, cycling or running, and enjoying outdoor activities since these are sweat and dustproof. Available on Amazon

First Aid Compact Family Go Kit

Keep Going First Aid GoKit, $39.99

This all-in-1 compact fully-loaded first aid kit will come in handy, whether Dad is going camping with his buddies, taking on trips with the family, or just to keeping in the car since someone is always getting a boo-boo when you have kids, it seems. The First Aid Go Kit from Keep Going (pictured here in the Signature case pattern; also available in 12 other fun designs) features a zippered bag that is so sleek and well-designed it fits easily into a diaper bag, carry-on plane luggage, backpack or car glove compartment. The GoKit includes 130 pieces of all the things one might need for minor mishaps ranging from different adhesive bandage types, sting relief pads, triple anti-biotic ointment, mini blunt scissors and tweezers, a disposable thermometer, and tick removers, there's even a bunch of stickers for the kids, a finger splint and nosebleed plugs and many more first aid essentials in this set. Save 10% when you use this link at checkout

Oldest Los Angeles: Exploring Historic Sites, $20.95 

This city-centric book is the trivia you ever wanted to know about LA of yesteryear. It's a title for geeky dads who are Los Angeles locals, but also appeals to out of towners with a fascination with the City of Angels. Authored by Mimi Slawoff, this 192 page book takes readers on a journey off the beaten path to "see" and learn about LA's historic sites, landmarks, and multi-generation family businesses, with an emphasis always on the oldest. Covers the Southland from Downtown LA, Greater LA, Hollywood, West LA, South Bay, San Gabriel Valley - Crescenta Valley, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, and Santa Catalina Island. Available in paperback direct from the publisher Reedy PressAmazon and select indie booksellers

Los Angeles History Scavenger Hunt Books

LA Scavenger: Los Angeles' Hidden Treasures, $24

New for 2023 is a unique spiral bound book by Danny Jensen which would be a lot of fun for fathers who live in Southern California within driving distance of Los Angeles, as well as dads who have always wanted to visit LA who'd like to get a virtual taste of the city through reading this book full of location-inspired trivia. Broken down into 22 neighborhoods across sprawling Los Angeles,  from Olvera Street near Downtown to Santa Monica and Venice Beaches, readers will find black and white photos and a bit of information for each quirky LA location. With interesting wall murals, buildings, historical sites and interesting signage, there are new things to discover and learn about even for seasoned Los Angelenos who have lived here for decades. LA Scavenger, Paper Back Wire Bound, 192 pages, is available direct from the publisher Reedy Press, Amazon and at select independent bookstores

I hope you find the perfect gift to suit your father's unique personality here; in fact you may find some good gifts for Dad for other occasions here (like his next birthday), for yourself, or for other family members and friends. The main thing to not lose sight of: if you are blessed to have a father in your life, remember to call your Dad on Father's Day as well as stay in touch with him throughout the year.

Father Toddler on Shoulders Beach Sunset

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