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by MBE Kids Editors 
Rachel Marks, West Coast 
Sarah Slager, East Coast

Calming Your Child's Bedtime Routine

If you're the mom or dad of young children, chances are good that bedtime is a family challenge for both you and your kids. Whether your daughter or son is a baby, toddler or older child -- whether they're just fussy, over tired, or even afraid of the dark -- know that as a parent you are not alone. That's why New Jersey mom Sarah and Los Angeles mom Rachel are excited to introduce bewildered parents to Cloud b and their enchanting new and innovative multi-media Tranquil Turtle and Tranquil Whale Family white noise night light projectors for boys and girls.

Mommy and Baby Whale for Kids

Kids Sleep Anxiety Research

Perhaps, as a kid, you were even frightened yourself when it was time to turn the lights out in your bedroom. Make no mistake about it, kids who are anxious about falling asleep in the dark is a real phenomenon and is suprisingly common. In fact, according to Yale School of Medicine research, a whopping 73% of kids (ages 3-12) experience nightime fears. To help kids as young as babies who have trouble falling asleep, establishing a routine and minimizing dependence on the parent's presence in a child bedroom is key.

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Based on this knowledge, Cloud b through their Tranquil Turtle and Tranquil Whale Family products which integrate light and soft sounds, set the stage for helping to create a calm and soothing environment at bedtime for babies, toddlers, and older children. A peaceful home bedroom atmosphere is essential to gently easing kids into dreamland as well as to inspiring a sense of overall well-being.

Whale Kids Night Light

Cloud b Tranquil Whale Family Mom Review

"We were facing that all too familiar parenting challenge when our 5 year-old son, Izzy, was scared of sleeping in his dark room alone," explains Rachel Marks, the mother of three children age five and under. "While seeking a solution that would help him feel safe and secure, we discovered the 2-piece Cloud b Tranquil Whale Family night light projector set which is pictured at the top of this story.

"This adorable mama whale multi-media night light with the accompanying soft plush whale rattle quickly have together become our son's nightly buddies and protectors," Rachel continues. "While he cuddles the huggable plush infant blue sea mammal, the gentle, soothing glow of an ocean scene projected by the mama whale provides just the right amount of light to chase away shadows and creates a comforting ambiance in his room that gently lulls him to sleep. The daily evening light show which dances on the walls and ceiling of his room, combined with this night light system's white noise, calming soft whale sounds and melodies, is like bringing a piece of the seashore into our son's bedroom. 

"Now that Izzy has overcome his fear of the dark," Rachel reflects, "we've noticed a significant improvement in his sleep patterns. Now he looks forward to going to bed each night. While he snuggles his beloved baby whale, mama whale sits on his night table producing a light and sound show that help him drift off to sleep peacefully. This has not only helped him feel safe, it has also provided a sense of routine and comfort which I think is something that every child really needs to get a good night's rest."

Toddler Girl Playing With Pink Light Up Turtle

Cloud b Tranquil Turtle Mom Review

Sarah, the first-time mommy of a 1 year-old little girl, has already gotten a little taste of bedtime bedlam herself. 

"Avigayil seems awful smart for her age,"  Sarah says. "I've noticed that as I get her ready for bed each night, changing her diaper and dressing her in pajamas, she somehow has a sixth sense that lights out and the time to go to sleep are quickly approaching. Before we set up the Cloud b Tranquil Turtle in her room, she didn't want to go to sleep quietly and would often protest and cry after I kissed her good night and closed her bedroom door. 

"That dramatic fussiness has all changed," Sarah relates. "Now my daughter is mesmerized by her pretty pink Cloud b turtle's blue ocean wave lights twinkling around her crib and bed, accompanied by a mini concert of white noise and soft ocean-inspired music every evening. What a pleasure it is to sneak a peek and eavesdrop on her through our baby monitor as she calmly and playfully bables and interacts with the lights she sees and the sweet little sounds she hears. 

"Before the turtle light's automatic timer even turns off the light and sound, she is sleeping soundly," Sarah concludes. "I'm a strong believer in establishing healthy behavior patterns early in my child's life and I look forward to Avigayil enjoying this fun, calming night time tradition for years to come as she grows older. In fact, I can't wait to hear the name she gives her new nightime turtle friend when she begins to talk."

Blue Plush Whale Kids Night Light Box

Cloud b Tranquil Whale Family Features

  • Mommy Whale Plush Night Light in Blue or White
  • Matching Baby Whale Mini Plush Rattle
  • Patented Technology
  • 23 Minute Sleep Timer
  • 2 Sounds
  • Underwater Melody
  • Underwater Light Projections

Pink Turtle Kids Multi-Media Night Light

Cloud b Tranquil Turtle Features 

  • Turtle Plush Night Light in Pink, Ocean, Aqua or Green
  • Patented Technology
  • 23 Minute Sleep Timer
  • 2 Sounds
  • Underwater Melody
  • Underwater Light Projections

These Two Moms Agree

Mommies Rachel and Sarah are definitely each experiencing the benefits of the Tranquil nightlight collection by Cloud b through a different child age group's touch, eyes and ears. Yet, there's a consensus with them both that the quality and craftsmanship of this product is exceptional and they appreciate that it's designed with children's safety in mind, giving them peace of mind as parents. 

Whether you have a younger toddler like Sarah's or an older child like Rachel's, no matter where you live, these mothers wholeheartedly recommend the Cloud b Tranquil Whale and the Cloud b Tranquil Turtle both for boys and girls which have proved real game changers for their own family lifesyles.

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Interactive Kids Night Lights

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About Cloud b

Since 2002, Cloud b has been making creatively-designed, award-winning products that promote good quality sleep and the overall well-being of children. With input from a wide-ranging group of experts, including pediatricians, therapists, parents, and child sleep specialists, the brand offers a collection of musical and whimsical plush toys and night lights which both parents and children will appreciate. To learn more, see the entire line of products, and buy, visit the official site Cloudb.com as well as follow the brand on social media.

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