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This is a wakeup call to all of us who use sunscreen and care deeply about protecting the world's fresh and ocean waters for future generations to enjoy. Every year up to 14000 TONS of sunscreen, much of it highly toxic to marine life, reaches the world's coral reefs which are now turning white and dying at alarming rates. 

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Ask yourself these two questions: Is your sunblock brand safe to use on your children as well as adults? Are all your sun protection products also rigorously tested and proven safe to fish, other sea creatures, and coral larvae? That's why I'm introducing readers to Stream2Sea, a leading Florida-based reef friendly sunscreen and skincare brand offering exclusively biodegradeable products that check off all the boxes on safety for you, your family, and the ocean eco system.

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It's indisputeable. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, coral reefs worldwide are in dire peril from the Florida Reef Tract and the Caribbean Sea to the South Pacific, the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Great Barrier Reef. Unfortunately, there has already been a global coral reef loss of about 14% due to myriad environmental stressors. Considering the Great Barrier Reef alone, the reef loss resulting is particularly shocking with the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies in Australia reporting approximately 50% of its coral cover lost since the mid-2010s. 

This under water photo gives you an idea of how vibrant and colorful natural coral should look. Notice the white tips, an early warning that this coral growth may already be threatened.

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The culprits? Among the serious threats to reef destruction are chemicals commonly found in sunscreen, like oxybenzone and octinoxate. These toxins penetrate the corals' delicate tissues and bleach them white, sapping their resilience and ability to reproduce. Thankfully there's a handful of conscientious companies now selling mineral-based sunscreens to consumers that shield human skin without compromising our ocean's sanctity and wildlife.

Stream2Sea, is a responsible maker of sunblock developed by Autumn Blum, a chemist, female entrepreneur, ocean advocate and self-professed coral lover who has testified before Congress on the harmful effects of chemical-based personal care products on the environment. From the Mineral Sunscreen Shimmer SPF 45 to the Mineral Sunscreen 4 Kids SPF 45 to the EcoStick Sunscreen 4 Kids SPF 35+, among other sunscreen offerings, the brand's sun protection products are made only with oceansafe mineral-based ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and other natural ingredients.

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The brand's eco-friendly skincare line also includes Hydrate and Sun Protect Lip Balms, conditioning shampoo and bodywash and leave-in hair conditioner (both biodegradeable in fresh and salt water), Hydrating BB Cream, Prebiotic Hand Cream, and Hand Sanitizer. In addition, Stream2Sea walks the talk, partnering with the Coral Restoration Foundation which is dedicated to creating offshore coral nurseries and restoring critically endangered coral species in the Florida Reef Tract -- the only living coral reef barrier within the continental United States. 

About Stream2Sea

Learn more about the company's products and all the environmental causes they are involved with on the company's official site. Also stay up on what's new at Stream2Sea by following the brand on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest.

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