Thursday, December 7, 2023

Prince of Egypt Musical Movie Release


Prince of Egypt Musical Made Into a Family Movie

Imagine sitting with your kids in the best orchestra seats in the house at the West End's Dominion Theater to see a performance of the Original London Company's hit Prince of Egypt musical, based on the DreamWorks popular animated movie from 1998 by the same name. Now that this spectacular musical production has been filmed live before an audience and turned into a movie, you can experience the movie Prince of Egypt: The Musicalbrought to you by Universal Pictures, in the comfort of your own home because the film is now available to buy or rent on digital so you can watch it at home. 

Prince of Egypt The Musical Cast London

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After seeing this new movie myself, I'm hard-pressed to say what I liked best and which was most magnificient: the pageantry, special effects of Moses and the Ten Plagues, Stephen Schwartz’s musical score and the singing including the Academy Award-winning song "When You Believe," the magical stage sets and lighting, Stan Chessman's choreography or the show-stopping costumes. There's so much I could say about each of those elements. So suffice it to say that everything you'd expect to see in a world-class musical is there for your senses to take in. 

To keep this review at a readable length, though, I'd like to focus and dig down into why the show's costumes are so note-worthy and all the ways they've added to the viewer's experience. 

Featuring a cast of 60 performers, Prince of Egypt is one of the largest, most impressive musicals ever staged. The costumes worn by all performers -- both the principal artists and the chorus which includes several really talented kids -- are a mesmerizing testament to the artistic vision and meticulous craftsmanship envisioned and executed by American designer Ann Hould-Ward. These costumes invite the audience to time travel back to ancient Egypt with stunning costume details which aid the telling of the story.

Prince of Egypt Musical Movie Principal Performers

Hould-Ward, who won the 1994 Tony for Best Costume Design for Disney's Beauty and The Beast, expertise continues to shine in her ability to blend historical accuracy with a touch of theatrical flair, creating a visual spectacle that complements the grandeur of the production. In Prince of Egypt: The Musical, costumes for the ensemble cast showcase a rich array of textures, colors, and intricate embellishments. The vibes of the opulent attire of Egyptian royalty, adorned in lavish fabrics and ornate jewelry, contrasting with the humble, simple, and earthy toned garb worn by the Hebrew slaves is a feast for the eyes. 

Truly, each of the designer's costume is thoughtfully tailored to reflect the character's background, status, and place in the story. Hould-Ward's attention to detail is evident in the meticulous research behind each costume piece. Every headdress, robe, and accessory is crafted with precision, drawing inspiration from ancient Egyptian art and culture to perfectly blend historical authenticity with theatrical grandeur. The result is a captivating experience to anyone who sees this, whether on stage or in the movie which gives one the advantage of being able to get a closeup look at all these amazing costumes.

Prince of Egypt Original London Musical Movie

Whether you're a lover of musicals and/or reenacted Bible stories from the Book of Exodus, The Prince of Egypt: The Musical is an epic and inspiring tale of resilience and hope, a movie both kids and adults will appreciate and enjoy watching together at home. See the official Movie Trailer. Now available to Buy or Rent on Digital.

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