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Spring DIY Easy Crafts for Kids

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by Ck Harrington
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In the Northern Hemisphere, spring begins on either March 20 or 21. But, because it's a Leap Year in 2024 (with an extra day in February), spring will arrive this year a day earlier on March 19, with Easter on March 31 and Passover from April 22 - 30.

Magnolia Tree Flowers with Scissors

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While anticipating the return of flowers, foiliage, and warmer weather, we've compiled a list of easy and fun crafts by some of the most creative crafters that you can make with your littles. Whether you're looking for arts and crafts to celebrate Easter, Passover, or just spring in general, you're likely to find one or more spring-themed crafting activities suitable for a range of kids' ages here.

Easy Easter Kids DIY Craft
The Best Ideas for Kids

Easter Bunny Slime Jars

These holiday slime jar bunnies are a spring take on a popular craft involving basic ingredients you may already have on hand: washable white craft glue, baking soda, water, food coloring, and a contact lens solution containing boric acid. You'll also need: stiff felt or craft foam, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, glue dots or a low temperature glue gun, and air tight mason jars or plastic jars. An easy enough project for older youngsters, while younger kids will need help cutting materials and using the glue gun.

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Passover Recycled Paper Craft Afikomen Bag
Make It Jewish

Passover Afikomen Bag

This fun Pesach craft is made with a recycled brown paper bag. All you'll need to make one or more of these are some colorful magic markers to decorate the bag as well as some yarn, scissors and a hole punch. Children can release their inner artists and embellish bags however they wish to create a family heirloom you'll be able to save and reuse each Passover season.

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Pipe Cleaner Flower Bookmarks

This easy spring-inspired craft will appeal to a wide range of ages and is great for encouraging kids to read. The only supplies necessary to make these cute flower bookmarks are colored pipe cleaners and scissors. Simply cut, twist, twirl. Depending on the age of children, parents can pre-cut the pipe cleaners for younger mini artists to bend to into their favorite flowers. 

Full instructions and tutorial video at

Bird Feeder Toilet Paper Roll Kids DIY
Practically Functional

TP Roll Bird Feeder

The return in spring of hungry birds is the ideal opportuity for kids to make bird feeders using a recycled cardboard toilet paper rolls, string, peanut butter and bird seed. Once this super easy craft is complete, go outside with the children and help them reach up to a tree branch to hang their bird feeders. This project is not only fun but educational, feeding local birds while building STEM skills, teaching youngsters about nature.

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No Paint Lady Bug Kids Spring Stone DIY
Fireflies And Mudpies

Ladybugs Rock

According to little ones, ladybugs are among the cutest of real live insects. So here's their chance to craft some adorable pretend ladybugs that will live on indefinitely in potted plants or garden, unlike the living variety. The best part -- which Moms, Dads and caregivers will really appreciate -- is that these Ladybug Rocks are made without using colored paint. All you'll need to make these are some small smooth stones, red and black tissue paper, googly eyes, and Glossy Modge Podge, along with scissors and paintbrushes.

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Spring Kids Eco Friendly DIY
I Heart Crafty Things

Pretty Paper Tulip Straws

This simple craft is an excellent activity for groups of kids and parties. It's easy to prep and make, too, involving just two materials: construction paper and paper straws. After printing the template, parents, caregivers and teachers of younger boys and girls will need to handle cutting and hole-punching. But from there, kids as young as preschoolers with the proper motor skills can make this project from there. Cute one-off creations, these little flowers become an impressive bouquet when constructed by a class or group of children. This project is an excellent craft for kindergarten and elementary school classrooms. 

Full instructions, template, and video tutorial at

These are just some of our favorite crafts inspired by spring. Let us know what you think of this roundup, and share the spring projects that bring you and your littles joy.

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Ck Harrington is a content writer for Southern Sketch Designs and the pet parent to three beautiful dogs, with one on the way. When he’s not playing with dogs or typing up articles, Ck likes to spend time with his nephews. Ck discovers which kids' crafts are the most fun and engaging through his nephews.

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