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Babes Movie Review


by MBE Editor in Chief
Janis Brett Elspas
Mom of 4 and New Grandma

Funny and relatable to any woman who has ever been a new mother. That doesn't even begin to describe the intensity of motherhood- and female friendship-centric vibes displayed in the indie feature film BABES from NEON which premiered at SXSW Film and TV Festival 2024. Following a limited run in select theaters in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, and Austin, the comedy heads to the big screens opening in theaters nationwide on May 24.

BABES Movie Illana Glazer Michelle Buteau

Thanks to NEON for providing advance viewing access for this review

Set against the backdrop of New York, BABES, which is literally a labor of love, centers around the deeply committed friendship between childhood best friends Eden (Ilana Glazer, who also co-wrote) and Dawn (Michelle Buteau, Survival of the Thickest on Netflix). 

The Storyline

Opening with their annual tradition of going to see a movie together, these besties couldn't be in more different stages of life. While Dawn is an experienced, married mom currently very pregnant with another baby, Eden is her single, wannabe pregnant friend and sidekick. 

The hilarity that ensues as these BABES besties laugh and cry their way through a mish mash of pregnancy, labor pains and baby-making, while still trying to keep their best friendship on course. From start to finish, the on screen dialogue and comedic action plays like a Laurel and Hardy episode with Dawn's larger than life personality and booming voice playing against the somewhat softer-spoken, clueless about pregnancy and smaller-in-stature Eden. 

When the tables (and friend cheering squad) are turned and Eden discovers she's pregnant after a one-night stand and contemplates becoming a parent, their bonds of friendship are strained and challenged in ways neither of them ever expected. 

As movie viewers most of the guys, both single and married, probably won't "get it." But, women -- especially those of us having been there and done that and having experienced the trials and tribulations of actually being pregnant and giving birth -- will laugh at our own dramatic baby birthing memories knowingly understanding everything going on as the plot moves forward in this chick flick. 

While you reminiscence about your own pregnancy experiences -- the good, the bad, and the just plain hilarious -- get ready to laugh pretty much non-stop through this movie's many outrageously silly and often graphic scenarios. Scenes you really have to see for yourself to fully appreciate. And definitely bring along your best mom friend so the two of you can escape caring for the kids (whom you've responsibly left in someone else's care) and start laughing your heads off for a few hours.

About the Movie

BABES (2024, Rated-R, NEON ), stars Ilana Glazer and Michelle Buteau (pictured above), was co-written by Glazer and Josh Rabinowitz with Pamela Adlon directing. Watch the official movie trailer movie trailer and learn more from NEON.

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