Wednesday, October 28, 2009

COMMUNITY: Hannah's Socks Holiday Drive Begins

MommyBlogExpert Encourages Everyone to Help
My entire family, including DH and my 4 kids (Triplets, 12 & Big Brother 13) will be joining me in this wonderful effort to lend a hand to those in need.  Please consider joining us.

Hannah's Socks is a charity that began with an inspirational story. During Thanksgiving 2004  four-year-old Hannah Turner helped her mom serve food at a local homeless shelter. While there, she saw a man with holes in his shoes and no socks.  Hannah asked her mom if she could offer the man her own socks. The next day, Hannah’s mom took her to buy/distribute socks to local shelters. 

Soon mother and daughter had collected and donated over 100 pairs of socks in their Midwestern town. Two years later, Hannah -- with the help of her Mom, family, and friends -- distributed 10,000 donated pairs of socks to shelters.  To date, Hannah’s Socks has collected 100,000 pairs of socks for homeless and domestic violence shelters. Now, the organization has kicked off the 2009 Hannah’s Socks Holiday Sock Drive to collect socks and funds for the upcoming winter and holiday season.

Inspired by Hannah’s story, The Clorox Company became a sponsor of Hannah’s Socks this season as the non-profit's goal is to gather and donate 10,000 pairs of new socks to underprivileged children’s programs in addition to continuing to help the shelters it already works with. As adults, this is not only a great way for us to help people who really need some assistance right now. It is also an opportunity to teach our kids about giving back to the community.

Please spread the word to your community to collect socks at home, school, work, or church for this great cause. Families can also donate funds and find out more about Hannah’s Socks and the Holiday Sock Drive at In addition, a pair of socks will be donated in the names of the first 200 Moms who sign up here.

We also hope to spread the word on Twitter with Tweets about Hannah’s Socks by using the hashtag #HannahsSocks and to follow the charity on Facebook at and Twitter at Please email Allison at if you have any questions or feedback.

Looking forward to you joining me in helping to make the world a better and warmer place during this holiday season!

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