Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Content is King, Whether It's for Traditional Media or Blog

This is the response of Janis Brett Elspas of MommyBlogExpert to the story that appeared in Advertising Age October 26, 2009, As Media Market Shrinks, PR Passes Up Reporters, Pitches Directly to Consumers

It's not whether the media is earned or not.  In many cases, it's not even about who is writing it -- traditional media, independent blog or a brand that seeks direct communication with its audiences.  In a single word it's about something much bigger: Content.

As a PR pro w/ several decades of corporate and agency experience, I am now transitioning to full-time professional Mommy Blogger as I raise my triplets & one more, all born within a year.

During my PR career I learned early on that you must have a compelling story to tell if you want to get substantial media to produce meaningful coverage. If the story you are trying to place just gets "face time" with a local throw away (or even with a media outlet that's off target for the audiences you seek to reach)...it's just a waste of time and money.

Through the new experience of writing my own blog MommyBlogExpert.blogspot.com now,  I can see that the same principle still applies. You've got to be providing information readers want and need and nothing less, AKA content.

Too many bloggers in almost every niche right now are over dosing the public with self-serving material.  I, for one, have made it my mission to ensure that my blog first and foremost provides substantial original content that is not brand driven. Then, I complement those stories with straight forward (but entertaining) product reviews, book reviews, movie reviews etc, being sure they don't read like consumer product news releases.

Whether it's traditional or new media, it is not about who is writing.  It's WHAT is being written, and reaching the desired audiences with true content, not chest-beating about a company or brand's view of themselves.

I look forward to hearing everyone's take on the original Ad Age story as well as on the opinion I've expressed above.  Please leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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