Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gardeners Peace Symbol Wreath for People & Nature, Also Eco-Friendly

Nothing says peace better than this gorgeous and unique wreath Gardeners.com sent to our family about a week and a half ago.  Opening the box when it arrived reminded me of walking in the woods of the East Coast where I spent my childhood.  In fact, the fragrant balsam fir branches that were hand-tied onto this on a northern Vermont farm were so fresh smelling and green, I almost felt as if I was in the forest of my youth again.  A wreath similar to the one we received is pictured in this image from the Gardeners.com website.

As soon as it arrived, carefully encased in a plastic bag inside a sturdy shipping box, I immediately unpacked it as instructed and followed the directions inside exactly on how to care for this wreath.  Then, I lightly misted the thirsty branches with water.  Over the following days my kids all took turns, continuing to spray lightly several times daily with water to keep the greenery nice and fresh until we finally had a sunny, warm December day here on the West Coast to decorate it and hang it outside. I know Easterner's will find this hard to believe because everyone thinks it never rains in California. But let me worn you, when it rains, it really does pour here, as it had been doing off and on for about a week until yesterday.

Luckily, after 10 or so days, thanks to all the water misting, the wreath still appeared almost as fresh as when it came out of the box.  This afternoon one of my triplet daughters, AKA Mini MommyBlogExpert who guest writes for this blog, finally got around to decorating it with day-old slightly soft popcorn and partially frozen fresh cranberries, stringing them together with needle and thread into garlands.  Then, this clever gal wrapped these popcorn strings accented with red berries around the wreath all the way around.  Here, you see the young artist at work stringing popcorn strands for the wreath, followed by a close-up of the decorated Peace Wreath hanging in our backyard Persimmon tree.

Since the wreath decorations she added were edible, this clever, animal-loving young woman creatively decided to display it not on the front door, but somewhere else really special.  It didn't take long before she came up with the idea of placing it in our Southern California backyard so the birds could stop by and enjoy it, while visiting the Globe Bird Feeder, also given to us by Gardeners, that was featured recently in the MommyBlogExpert Best Gift Ideas for Thanksgiving Showcase post.  We haven't had any tiny visitors yet, as we just put the wreath and feeder up today, but we'll take some pictures as soon as the first of nature's guests arrive to add to this post later.  This next picture shows both Gardeners items together in our yard. 

The 60s-era symbol of peace and hope continues to have meaning today across the generations: for those of us who remember the first Woodstock as well as the tweens and teens newly turned on to the peace sign again in the latest fashions and in every day American culture.  Now everyone, young and old, can enjoy a piece of Vermont this holiday season almost anywhere in the U.S. -- one that is truly classical, both as a wreath and as a symbol of peace.

This beautiful gift for yourself, loved one, or friend, is available for shipment now directly to your door, it will arrive lush and fragrant for display indoors or out.  Sorry, this item not available for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Virgin Islands.  Hurry and order by December 18 for guaranteed delivery by December 24.  

Just as gorgeous, undecorated as pictured on the left, 18" or 24" sizes, $34.95/$44.95, available fresh from Vermont from Gardeners.com

FTC Disclosure:  For this product review, Mommy Blog Expert received the Peace Wreath mentioned here from Gardeners.com.  MommyBlogExpert was neither paid nor received other compensation associated with this post.  See complete FTC Disclosure information that appears at the bottom of MommyBlogExpert's main page and at the bottom of every individual post on this blog, including this one.

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