Friday, December 18, 2009

GIVING BACK During the Holiday Season & ROBEEZ Blogger Contest

This is my entry into the Robeez contest for bloggers  My favorite style of Robeez is the Freestyle Bunny in Pastel Pink pictured here.  Aren't these the cutest little booties for babies?


Robeez will donate a pair of soft sole shoes to K.I.D.S. with every soft sole purchased through December 23rd and link to:
Thanks to for inspiring our own family to keep helping others!

Everyone who has kids should consider volunteering during the holidays. What are YOU DOING TO HELP?

Here's what we do:  My entire family, including DH, me and 4 kids (triplets and big brother, all tweens), are proponents of giving back year round since all of our children were toddlers and for the past 10 years have regularly delivered food to the homeless and been involved in lots of community service.  In addition, since Spring 2009,  my daughters and I have volunteered regularly at Strides Riding Center, a horse therapeutic center in Southern California.

But, because there is a greater need between Thanksgiving and the New Year, during the holidays we make a double effort to pitch in and help during the Christmas holidays.  Since we celebrate Hanukkah, not Christmas, we have LOTS of TIME to help on December 24 and 25th because these dates don't conflict with our own celebration.  So, this year will be helping to serve holiday meals as well as wrap gifts for kids and pack goody bags with essentials for Big Sunday in Los Angeles.

Hope this inspires others to give back to our communities and make this holiday season happy for everyone no matter who they are or where they live.


  1. those boots really are cute. they remind me of uggs, soft, cozy, warm...

  2. Hi,

    I'm Randye Hoder, senior director at Big Sunday. Thanks so much for helping out. I was wondering if you can tell me specifically which nonprofit or organization you helped on the Big Sunday Holiday List? We're trying to keep track this year of how many of the 90 or so requests that were made actually got filled by our wonderful network of volunteers.