Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's in an Online Screen Name? Apparently PLENTY, especially if you are a Mommy Blogger Who Uses Twitter

by Janis Brett Elspas

This post honors all the amazing and highly creative Mommies in cyberspace who manage to juggle blogging, kids, hubbies, and sometimes a job outside the home, too.  Thanks for keeping all us moms matter whether we stay at home raising kids, work at home, or work outside the house all mothers WORK very hard and we deserve to have a LITTLE FUN now and then.

I've seen more than a lifetime's worth of heart-warming, cute, funny, outrageous, and just plain bizarre names that moms who blog use as their undercover personas since I started blogging as a Mom almost a year ago.  Whether it's on Twitter and/or their blogs, either for fun or as working bloggers, these mommies collectively take away the boredom for moms like me everywhere, who in my own case work at home blogging professionally while also homeschooling four kids.

Screen names on networks such as Twitter are on unique to each individual or group and mommy blogs also have one-of-a-kind Internet addresses, too.  That means that each new mom who wants to join the Tweeting conversation or start their own blog, for example, has to come up with their own "new identity," something that's fresh and truly original.  With such limitations and the millions of moms already chattering away in cyberspace, you'd think that the greatest screen and blog names would all already have been taken.  But alas, aren't you just blown away by all the wild identities mothers are using in cyberspace these days?  And the new ones these clever ladies keep coming up with every day?  I know I am.

For sure, moms riding the wave of the social digital revolution, both young and old, never seem to lack for coming up with new and even more catchier personas and names to describe ourselves.  This is a natural ability for many of us, I suspect, that comes from our talent to stay sane (barely), while also juggling so many hats in our lives as mommies.  Fellow mothers never cease to amaze me: we always seem to be quite resourceful -- especially when it comes to caring for our families.

There are many real "name mommy personalities" now actively tweeting on Twitter and with their own blogs. Here are just a few I personally follow because I think they each perfectly capture the nuances of motherhood in the digital age
  • WhatsThatSmell
  • MommyTantrums
  • DomesticDebacle
  • MomEWhisperer 
  • BeautyandBedlam
  • MyChaos
  • SelfishMom
  • NoTIMEMom
  • Clueless_Mama
  • TheMomSmith
  • YummyMummyClub
  • MommyWantsVodka
  • HerBadMother
  • MomontheVerge
  • MouthyHousewife
  • ScaryMommy
  • and, last, but not least Mommenator
And the list goes on...Now, it's your turn to add the ones you like best and can relate to as a mother.

What is/are the most MEMORABLE MOMMY name(s) you've seen being used as a Twitter identity or as a Mommy Blogger persona?   Please comment below with mommy blog links and/or Twitter screen names of your winners so we can enlighten each other some more.

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