Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TEEN Couple Delivers RARE Spontaneous Naturally-Conceived TRIPLETS

MommyBlogExpert's Triplets, plus Big Brother one year older
at Who Let the Dogs Out show a Seaworld in San Diego several years ago

by Janis Brett Elspas

Note:  Since I'm a TRIPLET mom myself (my Girl, Girl, Boy are now 12 years old) as well as media relations director for The Triplet Connection Convention, I often come upon news about unusual cases of triplets, quads, etc. to share with this blog's readers. 

Teen pregnancies are typically problematic when the parents-to-be are young and unmarried--a rather common, yet unfortunate, scenario these days.  But, can you imagine the challenges ahead when the mom and dad (BOTH teenagers) have a set of triplets?

That's exactly what happened to Courtney Smith (age 19) and her fiance (age 17) earlier this week who became the parents of fraternal (non-identical) triplets born via cesarean section in Portland on January 18, 2010.

Triplets are way less common than twins or single births.  But a woman as young as Smith  who becomes pregnant with higher order multiples without any scientific intervention (otherwise known as "spontaneous" conception) is extremely rare.  That's what makes this particular set of triplets such an extraordinary news story.

I'm just a garden-variety triplet mom myself who had triplets when I was 40 years old and married, so I have a hard time even imagining what this couple is now feeling.  What I can do is give them is the same advice that applies to anyone having higher order multiples, regardless of the means of conception and the ages of the parents.  To the new triplet mommy and daddy I want to remind them that though the road ahead is filled with lots of work that will tire them (such feedings and diaper changes along with lost sleep).  But, don't lose sight of the rewards: there's also triple the joy and love to give and receive from these three babies -- so don't get discouraged.  

As teens turned parents of triplets in a matter of minutes, you are about to rise up three times more quickly to the tasks of raising your new family.  I wish everyone in the family well and encourage this new mom and dad to welcome all the help offered by their own parents (the triplets' grandparents) and friends when the babies come home from the hospital.

Triplet Connection is the world's largest and oldest organization providing support and information to families expecting or raising triplets, quads, quints, and higher order multiples.  The next national Triplet Connection Annual Convention takes place in July 2010 in the Philadelphia area.

For the full KREM-TV news story, slides, and video of the new family visit

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