Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Diary of A Wimpy Kid - The Movie - Entertaining Freebies to Keep the Kids Busy Until the Film Opens March 19th

by Janis Brett-Elspas

My kids just loved Jeff Kinney's book series Diary of A Wimpy Kid and his wacky characters that has captured the hearts of kids everywhere.  If yours are like mine, they're  really stoked that the movie finally opens later this week.

While its true that we all have to wait until the film Diary of A Wimpy Kid opens in theaters nationwide on March 19th, my own children have all had a peek at what the movie will be like. You can give your own kids a preview of the movie, too, and can see the official movie trailer right now.

That's not all.  Though the movie's not out as of this post, kids can still have some fun with these Internet links related to the film right this minute. 

Both kids and their parents will enjoying learning about all the characters that will be appearing in the movie version of this very popular kids' book series with this fun activity on the CartoonTV Network.  Here you can click on the cartoon likeness and the real-life kid actor/actress who plays that character. Lots of behind the scene making of videos included. 

There's also FREE downloadable Diary of A Wimpy Kid Posters, Badges and Music Here. The picture with this MommyBlogExpert post is just one of the fun posters kids can download and print out at home.

The kids can also take the fun Reelzchannel's Wimpy Kid Quiz

Some other entertaining things to do until Friday when the movie will be in general release include
  • Become a Fan on the Official Wimpy Kid Movie Facebook Page here
  • Follow Wimpy Kid on Twitter here
  • Follow this blog so you don't miss MommyBlogExpert family's review -- Triplets, age 12-1/2 and big brother 14 -- when we've all had a chance to see the film ourselves.
Leave your comment here on your (or your kid's) favorite character from the movie and don't forget to mention why you like them so much.

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