Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Looking for Comments from You Moms - How Much Time You Spend on Twitter Instead of Blogging?

How Much Time Do You Moms Spend on Twitter Each Week?

If you are like me, a mom who blogs professionally, this question is for you.  But, I'd also like to hear from moms who blog for other reasons such as for fun, information, or simply out of boredom - LOL.  Twitter as most of us know can be a real time sink sometimes.  Wondering who else sometimes spends more time on Twitter than on writing posts for your blog I'm guessing my own Twitter-per-week average is about 15 hours per week.  How about you?

Please leave a comment with a link to your blog below telling approximately how much time you spend on Twitter per week.

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  1. Well, I hate to admit it but I have a Twitter gadget on my iGoogle homepage and leave it open all day at work so I can keep checking it. But if you're asking for specific hours? I'd say 10 hours/week.