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Kids' Cartoon Network Firebreather Now on DVD & Blu-ray - Movie Review & Giveaway - ENDS 6/10/11

Kid Movie Review

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Firebreather DVD Box
Photo by Cartoon Network

Firebreather, the animated kids' feature film that premiered on Cartoon Network last fall with much ratings fanfare, is now in stores.  The film is brought to home video by Cartoon Network Enterprises and Warner Home Video.

Based on the comic book series by Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn published by Image Comics, the new release is available on Blu-ray and DVD.  This is the story about a 16 year-old kid named Duncan as the new kid at school with some rather extraordinary challenges.  The CGI movie was a hit at our house, particularly with our eighth grade son who watched the DVD that we received for review.

The animated film was directed by Peter Chung (Aeon Flux), written by Jim Krieg, and executive produced by Julia Pistor (Lemony Snicket's a Series of Unfortunate Events).  Jesse Head (Summerland, So Little Time) voices Duncan, while Dana Delany (Tombstone, Desperate Housewives) speaks the role of overprotective mom and Kevin Michael Richardson (The Cleveland Show, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien) is the voice of dear old dad.
Scene from the film Firebreathers
Graphic by Cartoon Network

In the movie, Duncan's divorced parents certainly mean well.  Mom wants him to lead a normal life in contrast to Dad, who wants him to take over the world, literally.  The problem is that this parental discord -- and the fact that the lad is half human and half-Kaiju Dragon -- makes everything go haywire in this teenager's life.  

Come to think of it, how many moms and dads -- whether divorced or married -- don't have widely varying parenting styles that add to the drama of their children's upbringings, even when 100% human teens are involved?  Also, what tween or teen doesn't want to be more in control of what's going on around him or her at home, at school, and in his/her social life? 

With all this, not to mention the very cool animation artistry and blood-pumping energy, I could clearly understand why kids, particularly those in the 6-14 age range, might like this.

MommyBlogExpert's 13 Year-old Son
iPhone Photo by Janis Brett Elspas

My 13 year-old's take on the movie was decidedly different, which doesn't really surprise me because he's a kid and not a parent.   

He says, "I really liked Firebreather because the plot centers around one teen who has the power to decide the fate of two entire races.  The animation was utterly amazing, too -- I just loved how they turned this comic series and its main character into a fast-paced movie."

He adds, "I particularly enjoyed the chase scenes where Duncan is depicted as being very agile.  It's not only because the action itself is so exciting, but also because the computer-generated animation creates some really awesome simulated camera angles when he is running."
Duncan shows his agility in a scene from Firebreather
Graphic by Cartoon Network

This action-filled movie attracted 3.7 million persons, beating all other television networks by double digits and winning the night when it first aired on Cartoon Network on November 24, 2010.  

Just as impressive: It was the #1 show with Kids 6-14, Boys 9-14, and Tweens/Teens 12-17 versus programming on all broadcast and cable networks, according to Nielsen Media Research.  Since it was so well-received when it first aired, I think it might do well on video store shelves, too.

Firebreather DVD
Ends 6/10/2011
Firebreather DVD Box
Photo by Cartoon Network

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About Firebreather
Firebreather on Blu-ray and DVD is now available for the suggested retail prices of $28.99 and $19.97, respectively.  In English, with English subtitles, the original movie from Cartoon Network has a run time of 68 minutes.  Both the Blu-ray & DVD include a variety of bonus materials including deleted scenes, 2-D animation test, animatics, and a visual development featurette.

About Cartoon Network Enterprises
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