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Big Sunday L.A. Charity Memorial Event in California A Fitting Memorial to 9/11

September 11 - Hope & Renewal
#3 in an 11-Day Memorial Series of Posts

From New York to Los Angeles and every state in the U.S. in between, observance plans are being finalized for 9/11 across the country next Sunday. In fact, the events that will mark the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the four jets that crashed resulting in almost 3000 people being murdered are amazingly varied.  In the third post of the September 11 memorial series, we'll look at one of the more unusual memorial events that has been scheduled -- one that remembers everything that was lost that day, but is intended to actively make the world a better place, too -- the Big Sunday Los Angeles Food Drive and Community Breakfast.
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To commemorate the upcoming 9-11 anniversary, Big Sunday is turning their September Monthly on Melrose service event into get together and special food drive for a food pantry for the poor in L.A. SOVA -- which is an acronym for Sustenance - Opportunity - Volunteerism - Advocacy.

The morning will include a potluck breakfast for volunteers. In addition, in conjunction with Operation Gratitude, attendees will be invited to write letters to U.S. active duty troops, as well as have the opportunity to share personal memories of September 11th with each other. The event is set for Sunday, September 11, from 6 AM to 12 PM at the Big Sunday office, 6111 Melrose Ave. in L.A.

According to Big Sunday Founder and Executive Director and author of Everyone Helps, Everyone Wins, David Levinson, "This special community service event feels like a fitting way to mark this difficult anniversary.  The event begins at 6:00 AM because the attacks occurred at about 6:30 West Coast time."

Big Sunday is a member of a new coalition of L.A. service organizations called L.A. Remembers plan service events such as this to commemorate the tenth anniversary of this American tragedy.  The non-profit's mission is to build community through community service in Southern California with volunteers coming from and serving all kinds of neighborhoods.  The idea is everyone has natural gifts that they can share to help others.

See the Big Sunday website for more details.  Also, feel free to contact David Levinson at if you want to volunteer, donate, attend, or help in any other way.

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