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Life is Too Short Stories of Transformation and Renewal After 9/11 - Memorial Series Book Review

September 11 - Hope & Renewal
#2 in an 11-Day Memorial Series of Posts

Life is too short. For all September 11th survivors – whether or not we knew anyone who was injured or lost their life or that of a loved one that day – this is a truly poignant statement. After all it is us, the living, who must cope with the aftermath of the worst terrorist attack to ever occur on U.S. soil.  Thankfully, there's an uplifting and inspirational new bookLife is Too Short Stories of Transformation and Renewal After 9/11 – that can help us continue to heal as well as search and find new meaning in our lives to commemorate the tragedy's 10th anniversary.

It is well-accepted that most of us were deeply affected by this disaster.  But zeroing in on what inspired some particular people and how they took action after the events of that horrible day, is something that we can all find instructive.  

This is the second post in this blog's  11 Days of September 9/11 Memorial Post Series. In the post-2001 world that we live in, this new title by Wendy Stark Healy may be just the read to help us proceed with our personal and national renewals to once again be able to appreciate the best things in life and what is great about living in America

After September 11, Healy worked on the front lines of the tragedy as communications director for Lutheran Disaster Response of New York and the Lutheran Bishop of the Metropolitan New York Synod. At times, the book does touch on religion lightly, but never in an offensive way. So, I think those of us not of the Christian faith can benefit from reading this.

This book, with portrait photography by Dru Nadler, retells the real life stories of 12 men and women who were directly touched by 9/11 during the rescue and restorative period that followed. Each true vignette that is told is as unique as the person who lived it -- from a Lutheran pastor, the CEO of September 11 Families Association, an equities trader, and an academic of practical theology, to various leaders of community institutions, a spiritual healer, and a female musician

These are all amazing and inspiring people, for sure. However, to me, the most captivating story of all you'll read about is about a young lady (a liver transplant recipient as a baby) who was just 11 in 2001.  She has leveraged the tragic experience ever since to celebrate life by raising awareness among teens about the homeless.

No one says it better in this book than Dr. David Grand, Ph.D., a New York psychologist and trauma counselor who has provided support to nearly 500 people with 9/11-related issues. He explains that generally the impacts of tragedies are lessened over time and people soon forget and go back to normal life. 

Commemorating 9/11 is a way to remember the tragedy and to let survivors know that they haven’t been forgotten,” Dr. Grand says.

With such emotion, it’s a good thing that each person’s story is a separate chapter, because this book is certain to inspire heavy reflection into each of us that reads this.  So, take this book slowly as it will likely ignite some new ideas and thoughts of your own.

Life is Too Short Stores of Transformation and Renewal After 9/11 by Wendy Stark Healy $12.95 (paperback); $22.95 (hardback); and $9.99 (E-Book) is published by iUniverse.

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