Tuesday, December 20, 2011

8 Nights of Hanukkah December 20-27 - Candle #1


Chanukah, the 8 day and night Jewish Festival of Lights, begins tonight at sundown. After dark Jews living in Israel and in countries around the world will use a service candle called the shamesh to kindle  the first candle furthest to the right on the branched candelabra known as a menorah. Blessings will be said in Hebrew before this special nightly candle lighting ceremony over the next eight evenings of the holiday

Our oldest son on the first night of Hanukkah a few years back
Vintage family photo by Janis Brett Elspas, MommyBlogExpert.com

Then families and friends -- children and adults -- will gather to sing songs, play with the dreidel, a toy top that you spin, and eat customary foods fried in oil such as latkes potato pancakes and sufganiot jelly donuts. Kids especially enjoy receiving Hanukkah gelt money which depending on the age of the recipient means gold foil covered chocolate coins for little ones and cash, checks or gift cards for teens. Traditionally, to publicize this historical event, Hanukkah candles are lit in the front window of one's home or by a doorway.

Gold Hanukkah menorah & coins
iPhone Photo by Janis Brett Elspas, MommyBlogExpert.com

Watch for a new post on each of the subsequent nights of Hanukkah.

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