Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Tech Device Promotes Family Fitness


Have Fun Exercising While Saving Rainforests

As little as 30 minutes of physical movement throughout the day can be transformative to your health. In addition to benefits of weight loss, leading studies show that walking 30 minutes a day can dramatically reduce risks of heart attacks, stroke, and diabetes.

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Striiv Product Review

My family and I have tested lots of tech products for this blog. I have to admit, though, that a new product called Striiv has got to be one of the most cool and novel the kids and I have had the opportunity to try so far. At first glance it might appear to be just a glorified pedometer or a mere hand-held fitness device. What we found out -- and you will too when you take a closer look -- is that Striiv is those things and a whole lot more. 

Like a personal trainer this gadget will motivate you to move, walk or run more, but by inspiring you to be more active it is not only motivating you to improve fitness. This pedometer, replete with innovative apps available in no other similar product, expands its functionality, paving the way for you to positively impact causes around the world. For example, you can aid rain forests with every step you take, since Striiv and its corporate partners donate on your behalf.

Just by exercising holding this in your hand, wearing it using the included belt clip or key chain or carrying it in your pocket or bag, Striiv detects each step when you walk, run or climb stairs. You can use this alone without a computer to motivate you to increase physical activity.

However, if you plug this into your PC or Mac with the USB cable that comes with it you can upload your progress data to the company's site and do a whole lot more than maximize your health prospects. That's because based on the number of steps recorded, Striiv ensures that funds are transferred to the cause you choose from one of their three charitable options: clean water for families in South America, polio vaccines, and rain forest protection. For example, after just 18,000 steps you'll earn the equivalent of a parking spot size rainforest for one year in Tanzania. Talk about making a difference both at home and in the world at large.
This is a product the whole family will likely benefit from: kids, moms, and dads. As a matter of fact you don't even have to be a parent or have children at home to have fun with this. Likely it would be an original gift to give a senior citizen you know that is in good health but needs some motivation to get out for a daily walk around the neighborhood.

At our house the kids got really competitive about racking up their steps using the single boxed device set we received from Striiv. So based on that experience let me warn: this gadget is addictive -- even though you could share one device for your entire household, you may want to buy several of these to keep everyone happy.

The product works right out of the box after you charge it using the included USB adaptor and cable, without the need of a computer. However, if you want to participate in fund raising walkathons and get Striiv to donate money for all the exercise you do, you'll need either to connect this with a Mac or PC. What a great idea for a holiday gift or to give yourself or someone you care about to start the new year by exercising more.

Striiv, which will be exhibiting at CES 2012 in January in Las Vegas, is the flagship product manufactured by Striiv, Inc. Priced at $99, this is affordable and available now.  Not only is this really easy to learn and use, it is also very cool, sleek and compact, weighing just 1.5 ounces and measuring 2.75" high by 1.7" wide, a fraction of the size of an iPhone. See the website for exact technical requirements, more product details and to purchase this clever piece of technology.

What kind of new year resolutions are you making about getting more exercise? Do you think the Striiv can help you make a difference in your own health and the world? Please leave a comment with your thoughts.

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