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Tips to Rid Your Bathroom of Molds Found in 100% of Homes + FlatScreen TV Sweepstakes, Ends 3/16

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I doubt anyone actually likes cleaning the bathroom, I know it's probably the thing I hate most about housekeeping at my house. But if you really knew about all the disgusting types of molds and mildews that hide out in each bathroom in every home -- no matter how clean it physically looks -- it might shock you into finally wanting to banish these moisture-loving pests forever.

You or your child wouldn't want to take a bath with mold or mildew would you?
Still don't believe me? 

Then take a peek at Sonny Mold & Frankie Mildew and their little shtick -- they're quite the characters in the hilarious short video below.

I thought so. Yes, it's really too bad real-life mold and mildew aren't as funny or cute as these two costumed comedians want us to think.  Just scroll down to see some photos of an actual bathroom if you still need more convincing.

Mold & Mildew on the Ceiling and Bath Walls
The reality is that most cleaners may remove visible dirt and slime, but I've found that products like new Tilex Mold Stain & Mildew Stain Remover, Refreshing Breeze sets itself apart because it is formulated to also attack mold and mildew. Literally, it has the potential to cancel the lame mold show going in your bathroom right now if it's used properly.

Mold in the Bath Tub
What's more is you can use it elsewhere throughout your home where mold certainly lurks: window sills, refrigerator and washing machine rubber gaskets, in air registers, and even in walls and ceilings exposed to extreme moisture.
Bathroom Window Sill Mold
Even mold on the floor & woodwork in the bath
Tips for Getting Rid of All Kinds of Bath Molds/Mildews

In addition to using Tilex regularly and thoroughly in the bathroom including on counter tops, bathtub, shower, floors, walls, ceilings, tiling and other surfaces, I've listed some other ideas for stamping out mold and mildew that work for me.
  • Make sure to replace vinyl, plastic and rubber shower curtains at least once a year, both the inside liner and the outer curtain
  • Alternately, consider hanging machine washable shower curtain and running it through the laundry as recommended on the care label 
  • For a bathroom with window(s) with or without a window sill(s) consider removing fabric curtains or plastic blinds and instead frosting the window glass for privacy
  • Wall-to-wall carpeting doesn't belong in your bathroom, so if you have some like we did think about replacing it with a waterproof vinyl floor like we did
  • When painting in a bathroom use only paints that are designated for walls and ceilings in rooms prone to a lot of dampness and moisture
  • Replace cracked and damage tiles and faulty caulking as soon as you notice, since both are magnets for mold and mildew
  • If you are remodeling a bathroom get rid of the shower curtain altogether by replacing it with a tub that has a sliding glass door
  • Also if you are doing a makeover, consider tiling/marble/granite or other water proof surfaces all the way up the wall in the bathtub and shower and using similar materials for adequate back splashes on counter tops
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How about you? Do you hate cleaning the bathroom too? I encourage you to share your own tips on ways to win the battle against mold and mildew as a comment below.

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