Thursday, January 31, 2013

10 Best Eco Friendly Valentines Day Crafts for Kids - Easy, Elegant, Creative & Green Art


The holiday of Valentine's Day has traditionally been dominated by a pink and red color scheme. But that doesn't mean the celebration can't involve lots of green, too, when it comes to using eco friendly and recycled materials to make beautiful things for loved ones. Get ready to sit back and read about the ten most creative, beautiful and unique Valentine craft projects ever this season.

Heart Birdseed Craft

There are so many great free ideas out there that you and your kids will enjoy including the fun and easy projects you see in this post. If you're like me, you may have trouble choosing which of these to make first.

Fabric Heart Garland
Here's a fun project for you that will help use up all those odd fabric scraps you may have stashed in a closet. Just stiffen the fabric, assemble the hearts and string them into a garland for a lovely holiday decoration. Image & craft from How About Orange, DIRECTIONS

Valentine Votive Candles
If you've got some clean empty glass jars and colored tissue paper from gift bags laying around, you can make these pretty opaque candle holders. Image & craft from Homemade Serenity, DIRECTIONS

Wine Cork Heart Hotplate or Wall Hanging
Wine lovers like me have a huge collection of corks we've been saving. Here's something really special that will recycle those corks into a piece of art either for your table or your wall. Image & craft from Mother Nature Network, DIRECTIONS

Recycled Valentine Card Basket
Here's a basket to collect this year's new cards your child receives that also uses last year's valentines to actually create the basket. Image & craft from Pink and Green Mama, DIRECTIONS

Heart Crayons
If you have kids I'm betting that you probably also have a huge surplus of crayons, both broken pieces and colors your children just don't seem interested in using. This project is your chance to turn those crayons into something new. Image & craft from A Creative Momma, DIRECTIONS

Birdseed Heart Treat
Using bird seed, flour, water and corn syrup you can easily make this lovely treat for those little feathered backyard bird friends. What a great way to give back to nature and to remember all creatures for Valentines Day. Image & craft by Smilemonsters, DIRECTIONS

Valentine Paper Towel Wreath
From the beautiful result, it's hard to believe that this wreath started out as a drab empty paper towel roll. Yet with a little paint and some cardboard rolls you would have otherwise tossed in the trash you can make this too. Image & craft by Planet Forward, DIRECTIONS

Painted Twig Heart
This is so eco-friendly and so colorful you'll want to leave it up year-round. All you need to do is collect twigs that have fallen off the trees this winter and then paint them in your choice of a rainbow of colors, then assemble this unique heart work of art. Image & craft from Green Upgrader, DIRECTIONS

Hand Sewn Fabric Envelope & Card
Yet another way to use up those fabric scraps is this fabric envelope and card that you hand sew with contrasting thread. What a one-of-a-kind valentine this is to make for your child's Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa or other special person in their lives. Image & craft from Apartment Therapy, DIRECTIONS

Recycled Newspaper Roses
What a great way to recycle the newspaper this is. Use your imagination and follow the simple how-tos and see what kind of eco friendly bouquet you and your child can create together. Image & craft from News-Leader, DIRECTIONS

Enjoy making these crafts which certainly do add green to the color range for Valentine's Day in a very big way.

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