Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Katie Couric Show Twins Triplets & Multiples Day Free Tickets to Live TV Studio Show Feb 6th

Twins & Multiples

As a mom of triplets myself I'm triple-excited to share some special news from Debbie and Lisa Ganz, my friends and identical twin sisters at Twins Talent.

My triplets plus one more born within a year when they were little
Katie Couric Show 
Twins & Multiples Day

Wednesday, February 6
New York City
Image from the Katie Couric Show
Calling all twins, triplets and higher order multiples: 
Katie Couric is having a mini multiples convention next week, hosting an hour long show about twins and multiples and they are seeking to fill the entire audience with twins, triplets and multiples ages 18 years and up. During the show Katie will be celebrating all things double, triple and quadruple. Request free tickets for you and your sibling(s) to be a part of their studio audience filled with adult twins, triplets and multiples.
Katie Couric Show Twins & Multiples Day Details
  • Invites will be sent out up until the day before.
  • Only multiples will be admitted (not enough room for spouses, partners, family & friends)
  • You will be requested to wear identical outfits or very similar same color tops 
    (Shirts & top preferably no red, no black and no white tops-no hats)
  • Katie tapes in NYC at 30 West 67th Street between Columbus Avenue & Central Park West
  • Arrival time is 8 a.m., taping begins at 10 a.m. and will take 1.5 hours.
  • You must bring one form of ID and you will go through security
  • You must be 18 yrs and older when filling out the ticket request put the code twinstalent after the space where it says tell us more about yourself 
Tickets are FREE, First-come first-served
Request Yours HERE

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