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Valentines Day Party Candy Bar DIY

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How to Create a Party Bar of Sweets

Ask any kid or adult what things they most associate with Valentine's Day. Chances are they'll probably say the same thing: hearts, chocolate candy and valentines. Really, for those celebrating on February 14th who can imagine this holiday of love without any of those iconic necessities?

Easy Valentine's Day Party Candy Bar

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*2024 Update: All the candy brands featured in this post are no longer owned by Nestle, these brand products include

Year-round options, not just for Valentine's Day 
(CRUNCH, Butterfinger, Babe Ruth, 100 Grand) 
60 piece Fun Size Chocolate Bars (same 4 candies as party pack above)
36 pack Butterfinger Candy Bars, Full-sized 1.9 oz Bars

*Since 2018, the brands above have been owned by the Ferrara Candy Company

Create the Ultimate Festive and Fun Candy Bar

If you're having a Valentine's Party either at school or at home this year, why not transform all these beautiful and yummy Nestle Valentine's Day sweets into a beautiful Candy Bar presentation that doubles as part of your party decorations and is a feast for the eyes and the palate?

DIY Tips to Assemble a Memorable Candy Bar

Putting a candy bar is so fun and easy, definitely invite your children to join in for the planning and setting everything up. Don't forget to offer the kids an extra treat if they stick around and pitch him when it comes times to clean up at the party's end.
  • Use an assortment of different size and height decorative glasses and candy dishes
  • Sort candy either by color, type or a mixture of both
  • Place in an eye-appealing arrangement with larger vessels toward back
  • Add colored paper shred, holiday floral picks & other small decorative accents
  • Don't forget to take photos of your creation, then invite guests to enjoy!
Wonka Valentine and Candy Combo Packs 

Valentine's Day Candy Collection

More Candy Recipes & Ideas

Any or all of these candies are also perfect for making a variety of sweet treats like these Elegant Gourmet Candy Apples or Butterfinger Blondies Bar Cookies. Either will be a hit to serve for dessert following an intimate romantic dinner or family meal with your kids.

Elegant Gourmet Candy Apples with Nestle candy bars
 Butterfinger Blondies taste even better than they look

For more than 450 easy, creative, beautiful ideas to enhance your Valentine's Day celebration, be sure to check out Mommy Blog Expert's Valentine's Day Creative Stuff Pinterest Board.

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