Monday, July 8, 2013

BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone Moms Review Managing Busy Days of Non-Stop Family Life

3rd in a series of 3 posts on the New BlackBerry Z10

Blackberries and the new BlackBerry Z10 are two of my favorite things. So, I've devoted a Pinterest page to them both. Ironically, this device doesn't come in a purple blackberry color, it's available in chic white like the one I received for this review (which is why I think it has particular appeal to women) and of course black, with a list price of $499.99. Right now, though, Verizon has a great deal and is offering the BlackBerry Z10 for just $99.99 with a two year contract.

BlackBerry Z10 out of the box, Raphael Elspas,
The newest BlackBerry prompted me to recall the first time I ever saw one of these smartphones back in 2006 when a parent at my kids' school showed me his latest tech toy. White phones weren't in vogue yet, back then, so this was only sold in black, but I remember being impressed by all the things it did, like no other phone before it. 

A point many have forgotten is that the first BlackBerry actually came out before the original iPhone was ever introduced. Ever since, BlackBerry continues reinventing itself, introducing new and better devices. In fact in April-June of this year they've shipped a total of 6.8 million new BlackBerry phones including 2.7 million BlackBerry Z10 products.

BlackBerry Z10 Back, Raphael Elspas,
This new jewel of a smartphone doesn't just look good and feel great in my hand. It has also helped me juggle my multi-faced roles as mother, wife, mom blogger and social media strategist with greater ease. For example, the BlackBerry Z10's browser is really fast. When I'm in a rush -- which is a lot of the time with four teens -- I appreciate that pages load really fast.

BlackBerry Z10 Side View, Raphael Elspas,
Another thing, I'm able to use the share button and simply tap it when I'm on the fly to email a link to a friend or client or to post it to Facebook or Twitter. Also a plus is the BlackBerry Z10's keyboard that learns and remembers my typing style, helping me to avoid needless typos in Tweets and Facebook status updates that I post during my harried days. Lastly, as my 17 year-old son strongly believes, this phone really is all about the gestures.

Self-portrait at my son's high school graduation,
Without a doubt, moms on the go like me need all the help we can get. Having a BlackBerry Z10 to rely on has definitely made my job as mother -- not to mention all the other hats I wear -- that much easier. Which is precisely why I can't wait to see what BlackBerry introduces next, because as the saying goes a mother's job is never done.

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  1. Great review!! I was also able to try this out, but alas..I wasn't impressed with the lack of apps I use on a daily basis for work and play ;/ luv that camera tho!!

  2. Cali Julz, Thx so much for commenting! Yes I agree that more apps would be nice for every aspect of life but the camera and other features make up for it.

  3. Amazing Review! I just have a doubt, is it that hard to live without that many apps?

  4. I guess it depends on what apps those are primarily due to the fact that the bb10 browser is so good that you honestly don't need half the apps out there. In addition to that a lot of apps have equivalents out there in app world, and not to mention sideloading can be done of android apps as well.

  5. Luis & Gopal, Thanks for your insightful comments.