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Koala Kid Anti-Bullying Message Appeals to Kids


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Koala Kid Kids Movie Review

Despite all the positive messaging in schools and media, according to, one in four kids is being bullied regularly. Because bullying continues to be such a serious problem, we need to do even more to reach kids early when they are young to help fight it. Rising to the occasion is recently-released Koala Kid, from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. This animated action comedy movie is the story of an endearing rare white koala bear that seeks acceptance among his animal peers in the Australian Outback, wanting to fit in more than anything else in the world.
Koala Kid DVD
Koala Kid DVD, Image from Fox Home Entertainment

My daughter and I had the opportunity to view this charming movie at a fun pre-release screening event hosted by Fox at the Los Angeles Zoo which also included an educational and fun private tour of the koala enclosure with a very knowledgable docent. 

Me at L.A. Zoo Koala Kid Event,
We learned lots about Koalas,
And saw a Koala, too,

Koala Kid, which has a run time of 86 minutes, succeeds on multiple levels. It entertains young kids, but it also teaches them the concept of friendship and acceptance, about how to embrace others who are a little different, rather than exclude them.

View the official Koala Kid trailer to see the cute characters

The film features some big names voicing the characters including Rob Schneider, who plays Johnny the white koala bear, Tim Curry, Alan Cumming, and Jenni Pulos, the voice of Charlotte the Koala. From what I could tell, the movie is rated PG primarily because there are a few hurtful things that are said to Johnny and there's a scary scene or two. I don't any problems with young kids watching this, but each parent needs to decide for yourself if it's okay for your child to view this.

During the hosted Media Day we were fortunate to have the opportunity to meet Pulos, who was on hand to talk with a small group of mom and dad bloggers about how Koala Kid gets the anti-bullying message across and some simple things kids can do if they are being bullied or know someone else who is.

My daughter, Jenni Pulos, Me,

The Koala Kid DVD, released on April 30, 2013, is exclusively available at Walmart, and Sam's Club with a list price of $22.98.

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