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Detox the House Spring Cleaning Tips for a Green Clean Home for Your Family, Kids & Pets


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Spring is Near, Don't Ruin It With Chemicals at Home

Here's a scary thought: The average family home contains between 500 and 1000 chemicals. If that isn't toxic to the health and safety of you and your kids, I don't know what is. Don't panic though. In this post I'm going to give you some ideas about how to easily start detoxing your house just in time for spring cleaning.

Yikes! All those toxins in our home...
Chemicals lurking under the kitchen sink,
What an eye-opening experience this was for me. Thanks to Zerorez, a floor to furniture chemical-free cleaning company serving a huge swath of Southern California, we just had our very challenging dirty carpets cleaned -- the before and after pictures will knock your socks off.

Light Mauve Carpet is a challenge to clean,
Not only did Zerorez restore our rugs to cleanliness, their 10 Ways to Detox Your House tips also got me thinking about all the other ways you can get the house sparkling clean without unnecessarily exposing your family to anything hazardous.

My own ideas for a cleaner greener home

  • Use at-home solutions like vinegar and water instead of store-bought bottled chemical cleaners for washing windows, counters and tile walls in your bathroom
  • Avoid exposing your pets to any of the same unhealthful cleaning chemicals that you don't want your family to breath in or make contact with
  • Edit your cleaning supplies regularly by gradually using more green products to replace the nasty toxic ones
  • Read labels carefully when purchasing "green" cleaning products because there are many of these that still contain toxic ingredients
  • Get rid of clutter in your house, attic and garage that is providing even more surfaces where dust can land
  • Clean your dust covered electric fans at the beginning of spring with a simple solution of soap and water, making sure it is not plugged in when you work on it
  • Make sure to vacuum carpets regularly as well as have them deep cleaned professionally without chemicals at least once every 6 months to year
How much dirty water is trapped in your carpet?
About Zerorez
Zerorez, the service that revived our filthy carpets, is a full-service green cleaning company serving Southern California. In addition to carpet, they do area rugs, upholstery, leather furniture, bathrooms and showers, kitchen surfaces, tile grout and sealing, hardwood and stone floors, mattress, air duct and furnace cleaning  and much more -- everything from floor to furniture except for the walls and ceiling. It doesn't end in the house either. Zerorez cleans cars, autos and motor homes as well as garages and outside patio decks.

The water that's clean enough to drink,
Visit to learn more. You can also keep up to date on everything that Zerorez is doing by following them on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest

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Stay tuned as this MommyBlogExpert Zerorez post series continues throughout March. I've already shared The Five Second Rule and this Detox The House post. In the final story, scheduled for next week, I'll be taking you behind the scenes, telling you about how Zerorez Gives Back to the Public by providing free cleaning services to non-profits and community spaces.
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FTC Disclosure: I received thorough carpet cleaning service of our entire house from Zerorez which was partially paid for by the brand. In addition, I am being compensated for this #Zerorezsocal blog post series and opinions are mine. See complete FTC Disclosure information that appears at the bottom of MommyBlogExpert's main page and at the bottom of every individual post on this blog, including this one.

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  1. We loved Zerorez at our house! Everything they cleaned looks fabulous with no icky odors!