Thursday, March 13, 2014

#PiInThe Sky Austin Skywriting Event Coincides w/ SXSW - Early Welcome to Pi Day on 3/14


The festivities for Pi Day got a day head start today with a skywriting stunt over Austin, Texas which coincidentally unfolding during the huge SXSW conference going on there now.  Pi Day, celebrated enthusiastically by math lovers around the globe on March 14 each year, is all about the Greek letter pi as a mathematics symbol representing the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter which is approximately 3.14159. As this post goes live #PiInTheSky is trending on Twitter.

Image provided by AirSign Aerial
Pi In The Sky is an iteration of the world's largest ephemeral installation of the infinite number -- done in anticipation of the Austin Children's Museum Exploratorium's Pi Day fete -- began at 6:28pm on March 13th. The conceptual work consists of five synchronized aircraft equipped with dot-matrix technology flying at 10,000 feet altitude while skywriting the first several hundred characters of pi's infinite sequence.

Image provided by AirSign Aerial
This spectacular performance against a skyblue backdrop in a cloudless sky was displayed by AirSign Aerial Advertising. AirSign's skywriting team created a spiral several miles wide, as the aircraft emit numbers that measure a quarter-mile in height centered on the Austin Convention Center and viewable from the entire city and its surrounding areas. 

Merging art and technology, California artist ISHKY teamed up with AirSign Aerial Advertising bringing together a team of artists, programmers and scientists to give life to a compelling vision that a community of millions will directly experience. 

Pi In The Sky explores the boundaries of scale, public space, impermanence, and the relationship between Earth and the physical universe.

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