Thursday, October 23, 2014

Top Mobile Halloween Tips to Ensure Fun Memories Aren't Abducted by Memory Monsters


Halloween means costumes, parties, friends, and memories. What’s scarier than ghosts and haunted houses? How about getting that ‘memory full’ message on your phone and missing that photo before the kids head out on their first trick-or-treat run, win ‘best costume’ at the Halloween party, or grab their first piece of candy!

Almost 1/4 of Android users have 80% of their memory filled according to research from SanDisk and with today’s high megapixel and HD video phones, that means a lot of people will hit their storage limit quickly – missing the big moments. I'm guessing this is also true of iPhone users because I am constantly maxed out on photos -- with 3,808 images stored right now.

Don’t let the memory monsters keep you from shooting and sharing photos and videos of all the fun this Halloween. Here are some Halloween smartphone tips provided by SanDisk to make sure you don't miss those fun and memorable moments.  

Top Mobile Tips For Halloween
  • Prepare ahead of time. Take 5-10 minutes before the big event to offload your gallery and make room for new memories. Lose the cables and just plug in SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive to transfer or save photos, videos and music in a flash.
  • Keep your playlists close and free up valuable photo space on your smartphone with the SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive or apps like Pandora or Spotify. Just plug and play, or hit "play" on the app.
  • Need to store something in a pinch and don't have a USB drive handy? Consider using a Cloud based storage app like Box or Drop Box to quickly upload several GBs worth of data free of charge.
  • Protect your phone because keeping it is just as important as keeping all those memories! Holidays are a high risk time for phone accidental loss and theft so be sure to secure your phone with apps like Android Device Manager, Find My iPhone or Wheres My Droid.
DIY Candy Bar Candy Apples for Halloween
Consider implementing these suggestions. If you do you're bound to have the sweetest Halloween celebration ever on October 31st as well as be able to enjoy all the memories captured with your mobile device for years to come.

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