Monday, November 3, 2014

Dog Mitten Holiday DIY Ornament Easy Craft


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Christmas, Chanukah Craft for Pets, Dogs, Cats

Since your pet deserves a gift too, here's an easy, fun holiday DIY project to make inspired by the limited edition Febreze Home for the Holidays fragrance collection. All you need are some scraps of felt and ribbon, contrasting embroidery thread and needle, plus some glitter and glue.

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Dog Mitten Holiday Ornament

Inspired by 
Febreze Home for the Holidays 
Frosted Pine Air Freshener


1. Make a paper mitten pattern then lay it on a double thickness of felt and cut out the shapes at the same time.
2. Using embroidery thread and needle hand stitch around the edge of the mitten through front and back leaving the top open, either with an overcast or straight running stitch.

3. Cut a 4" piece of ribbon and fold in half, then place it inside the top and hand sew the hanging loop created into the mitten.
4. Cut a contrasting color cuff the width of your mitten and add glue and glitter. Then, decorate your mitten on the front with glue and glitter to create a paw print, the word "bark" or anything else you'd like. When adhesive is dry add the cuff with more glue.
5. Fill with your pup's favorite treats and hang on the tree or your fireplace being sure to place it high enough so he/she can't jump up and grab it before you are ready to present your gift for them to enjoy.

Parent's Note: Depending on your child's age and abilities they may be able to help you craft this project or even make it all by themselves.

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