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Easy Kids Valentine Crafts to Make to Celebrate Valentine's Day


I attended public school and when I was a kid I used to love Valentine's Day. In fact, one of the things I remember most about it is all the arts and crafts I enjoyed making both at school and at home. Read on for some modern day crafts that are just as much old-fashioned fun for today's contemporary children.

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This Bunches of Love Heart Shaped Flower Bouquet from Crayola is absolutely adorable and a cinch to make. Here's all you need: some glue, scissors, colorful scraps of paper, and chenille sticks for the flowers and a recycled can and more paper for the vase along with Crayola Model Magic Poke to hold the blooms upright.  How to Directions

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Handprint and Footprint Crafts are always popular with kids and parents -- not only are they fun and easy to make, these are keepers as family heirlooms. Here's a really sweet idea that I really love from the blog The Suede Sofa which also shows you a variety of other handprint options.

Image from Alpha Mom

From Alpha Mom comes this adorable Paper Plate Heart Hat. This would be a delight to make for a kids Valentine party at home or at school and only requires a few simple materials starting with a plain old inexpensive paper plate. How to Directions

Image from How About Orange

This Pink Paper Heart Garland from How About Orange is so pretty, you'll want to hang it up for Valentine's Day as well as leave it up year round. This is worth checking out, you will be really surprised how easy this is to make because it's simpler than you think. How to Directions

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Take a close look at these simple & beautiful Sweet Spot Hearts Valentines from Martha Stewart. All you do to make these colorful, clever and sweet valentines is cut out hearts from strips of old-fashioned dot candy, then sign and mount on colored paper. How to Directions

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