Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentines Day for Dogs Fun for Canines & Humans


By Dexter Elspas
Doggie Blogger

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Valentine's Day for Dogs!
That's me Dexter the Doggie Blogger,

Woof! I'm wiggling with excitement for another guest appearance here on MommyBlogExpert and my little tail couldn't be wagging faster today. 

I've done some pretty exciting and fun things for the first time in my short life. I've learned how to swim, I've eaten a whole pumpkin pie in one sitting, and have even hung with the cute girl dogs at the Woofstock 90210 Dog Festival in Beverly Hills, to name just a few. But this is the best yet -- and in the Dog Days of Winter -- no less. What's the big news? Today has been officially declared Valentine's Day for Dogs.

Here I am hard at work assembling this year's valentines...

Boy have I been busy the past few days working on valentines for my friends and best gal. Coloring, adding Milk-Bones (ok, I admit, I ate just a few in the process), and addressing some adorable cards with messages such as "You Make My Tail Wag" & "I Dig You" to all my dog buddies for today's Valentine's Day for Dogs. Friends like Coco the German Shepherd, Brownie the Chocolate Labrador, Griffin the English Bulldog and the girl I'm sweet on, Ginger the ginger-colored Miniature Pinscher. 

...all finished ready to paw-out to my friends

What do you think of the way my valentine's came out?

I'm not telling you all about this to make you jealous. You doggies out in cyberspace are encouraged to ask your people to help you get in on all this Day of Hearts frivolity dedicated to man's best friend and your entire network of dog family and friends. If those 2-legged animals ask any questions, just tell them your buddy Dexter gives a paws up to this and I suggested you check it out.
To celebrate with me all my four-legged readers and their dog loving humans are invited to grab some fun free doggie printable Valentine greeting cards for canines. You'll have a blast making these, bonding with your people, and delivering them to all your friends. 

Learn more about Big Heart Pet Brands Milk-Bone, Pup-Peroni and Milo's Kitchen by following the brands' respective pages on Facebook.

FTC Disclosure: To facilitate this post I received doggie treats from Milk-Bone, Pup-Peroni, Milo's Kitchen, and Canine Carry Outs along with some fun pet parent accessories for my human family. I did not receive any payment or other compensation associated with this post. See complete FTC Disclosure information that appears at the bottom of MommyBlogExpert's home page and at the bottom of every individual post on this blog, including this one.

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