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Best Rosh Hashanah Jewish Kids Crafts to Celebrate the Jewish New Year


Edible Honey Dish,
Here are some fun and easy ideas for crafts that kids and kid at heart adults will enjoy making to enhance the holiday of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, which begins at sundown this Sunday, September 13, 2015. Unlike the secular New Year many celebrate with New Year's Eve parties on December 31st, Rosh Hashanah is experienced by going to synagogue to deeply reflect upon our good and bad deeds during the past year and to ask for G-d's forgiveness for what we did wrong and his guidance to be a better person in the coming year. Though it is intensively spiritual and retrospective, it is also a festive time of elborate meals, entertaining and quality time with family and friends -- and crafts are definitely apropo to add to the holiday's significance.

Image by Growing Up Creative
The pomegranate is a popular symbol of Rosh Hashanah because it is said there are 613 seeds in every piece of fruit, the same number of mitzvahs (positive and negative deeds in the Torah, our Bible). It also symbolizes that we hope to come before G-d to be judged for our abundant good deeds. This pomegranate box -- which you can fill with candy to take home -- is easy to create and would make a beautiful name card for each guest at the table. Grab the template from Growing Up Creative.

Image from Purl Bee
Apples are also traditional for Rosh Hashanah which we dip in honey at the table to wish for a sweet new year for everyone. These Apple Felt Coasters from Purl Bee are so festive for fall and would really take your table decor to the next level. Despite how complicated this handsewing craft may look, these pretty table accessories are actually very easy to make.

Image from The Jewish Woman
This the Birthday of the World that celebrates Creation, after all. So what could be more perfect than making this Happy Birthday World Map Cake masterpiece table centerpiece from Chabad's The Jewish Woman which incorporates a map of the world, some round carboard boxes available at craft stores and a few other simple items?

Image from Highlights Kids
What would Rosh Hashanah be without a Shofar Rams Horn? I love this kids craft from Highlights Kids that uses a few basic supplies you probably already have at home including some construction paper and a paper plate. For another creative shofar, check out this one from Joyful Jewish, which cleverly recycles a birthday party blower.

Image from Easy Child Crafts
Hard to believe that this adorable Bumble Bee craft from Easy Child Crafts started out as a mere cardboard toilet paper roll. The kids will want to make multiples of these, so start gathering up those TP rolls to recycle!

Image by Tori Avey
Isn't this symbols of Rosh Hashanah necklace by Tori Avey that kids can make cute? It starts with a free printable that your child colors, cuts out and threads into a festive and fun fashion accessory.

Image from Creative Jewish Mom
From Creative Jewish Mom comes this beautiful Watercolor Rosh Hashanah greeting card idea which is appropriate for older kids with fine motor skills and an interest in experimenting with painting. On a smaller scale, I think this could also easily work to create placecards for your holiday table.

Image from Couldn't Be Parve
This vibrantly colored Braided Round Challah Bread from Couldn't Be Parve is a super fun craft recipe to make in your kitchen with your kids. Your children will delight in mixing the ingredients together, coloring the dough, rolling it out and shaping into a beautiful loaf of circular bread for your holiday table. As it rises they'll keep checking back to see how big their creation is getting before you finally pop it in the oven to bake.

Enjoy any or all of these crafts with your kids. Not only will you be spending quality time together you'll be creating family heirlooms that you will cherish for years to come.

Shanah Tovah
Happy New Year
to Everyone Celebrating!

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  1. You have such wonderful rich traditions! I love the creative ways include the little ones.

  2. So many wonderful ideas. I do not celebrate Rosh Hashanah, but I can see many of these ideas being adapted for other casinos. Thank you!