Friday, September 11, 2015

September 11th Anniversary - 14 Years and the USA Grows Stronger & More Patriotic


September 11, 2001
8:46 am ET/5:46 am PT

It's been 14 years, but in many ways it seems only yesterday. Our Nation was shattered in a matter of minutes on that very gray day. But immediately we pulled together as Americans and we've grown STRONGER and more patriotic as each memorial year passes.

We Must Never Forget

Rain of Tears 9/11 Memorial, New York,
May G-d Protect &

Continue to Bless America

9/11 Memorial Floral Arrangement, Beverly Hills,
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  1. I will never forget that tragic day. When I was in NYC lat summer, my husband and I went to visit the memorial. When we walked up I suddenly and unexpectedly froze. I was not able to visit the reflection pool. Instead I choose to sit and reflect sitting on a park bench while my husband visited the memorial up-close. There was simply to much grief.