Thursday, September 17, 2015

Grandparents Kids Interactive Activity Gets Children, Seniors Learning From Each Other


In memory of my kids paternal Grandmother

In honor of Grandparents Day, which was just celebrated this past Sunday, here is a post inspired by Intel that gets kids and grandparents interacting with each other via a fun challenge called Family Skill Swap. The best thing is this activity is timeless and isn't limited to this special day, it can be implemented 365 days per year.

Vintage Family Photo,
There's really so much that grandchildren can learn from grandmothers and grandfathers and vice versa through leveraging today's consumer electronics devices including smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, digital cameras and more. You'll find lots of ideas below that reach across the generations: from kids teaching grandmom how to take, edit and scrapbook digital photos to grand dad having his grand daughter star in a video interviewing him about the family's history and lots more.

Click on the image to see and print out the full size Family Skill Swap infographic below. As you will see there are for lots of different ways that kids and grandparents can engage and enjoy some quality time together while taking advantage of the latest technology to learn from each other.

Image by Intel

Go Ahead
Create Some Lifetime Memories
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  1. I love the idea of generational skills swap. And spending time with your grandparents is always so much fun.

  2. Spending time with grandparents is a real blessing! My kids have been so lucky to spend so much time with theirs.