Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ultimate Man Cave Ideas at Best Buy How to Create a Dinosaur Robot Fight Club + More


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As far back in time as the Stone Age, men have thrived best when they knew they could retreat to man caves, dedicated man-only spaces to hang out with their buddies and to call their own after a long day of hunting and gathering. Today's modern cave men may be living a lifestyle driven by the latest in technology many centuries apart in both years and technological advancements from their forefathers, but they are just as hardworking and their needs and desires for leisure time and private male-only space are still basically the same. That's why it's a good thing men today have the new Man Cave project at Best Buy to inspire them.

I can't imagine a guy, no matter what his interests or lifestyle, that is not going to find something that appeals to him at Best Buy's Man Cave. There's no shortage of cool tech ideas here in the form of articles, videos and before and after footage to transform a special corner, small space, interior room, garage or back guest house into the ultimate Man Cave.

Inspiration at Best Buy's Man Cave

Often men love a good fight and robots are all the rage these days so they're a natural toy choice for Man Caves. Men are just big boys who want to have fun, after all, right? Just imagine how much fun your personal Robot Fight Club could be, complete with prehistoric-inspired app-controlled robots like MiP Robot and MiPosaur. I've seen this brand's robot demonstrated at International CES last year and also at Blogger Bash Sweet Suite in July and think you'll really have a blast with these Bluetooth-enabled robot and dinosaur robots that you drive with your smartphone or tablet, especially if you have a pair of them. 

These really are a hoot, aren't they? Not only can you knock the other guy's robot down, MiP robots can also carry objects so you can bring your arche rival a beer after the battle is over and you have helped him stand up again. This is just one of six ultimate man cave inspirations you'll find at Best Buy, keep reading for ideas on five others.

More FUN Man Cave Tech Inspiration at Best Buy 
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  1. As much as my hubby would love a man cave, I would love a she shed! Maybe one day :) Great items from Best Buy.

  2. Great ideas for the men in my life. I always have such a hard time buying for them. Thanks Janis, the holidays are coming quickly!

  3. I'd never seen these robots. My son received a really cool dinosaur robot about 8 years ago, but I know he'd love these as a start towards building a man cave