Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Top Dog Friendly States for Halloween Fun DIY Howlween Dog Costumes #TreatsForAll


Halloween Goes to the Dogs, Virginia Ranked #1 for Doggy Trick or Treaters 

Halloween isn't just a children's and people's holiday, a new national survey has concluded. In fact, increasing numbers of furry kids are getting in on all the holiday fun. Big Heart Pet Brands (the makers of Milk-Bone, Pup-Peroni, Canine Carry Outs and Milo's Kitchen) conducted an original survey of 3,000 parents to determine the top 25 states that include their pups in Halloween festivities. If you're a crazy dog lover like me, you'll definitely appreciate these latest discoveries about man's and woman's best friend.


1. Virginia
2. New Jersey
3. Pennsylvania
4. South Carolina
5. Missouri
6. Ohio
7. New York
8. Wisconsin
9. Michigan
10. Oklahoma
11. Louisiana
12. Kentucky
13. Arizona
14. Georgia
15. Massachusetts
16. Tennessee
17. Florida
18. West Virginia
19. Indiana
20 Washington
21. Iowa
22. Neveda
23. North Carolina
24. South Dakota
25. Texas

Don't see your state listed? Check out the complete rankings

To determine where each state stands in dog-friendliness for Halloween, Milk-Bone surveyed pet moms and dads about whether they dress up their dog in costume, take their dog trick-or-treating or include them in other Halloween activities and parties.

Virginia is Tops in the U.S. for Howl-O-Ween

Here's the breakdown on the percentages of how Virginia residents with dogs celebrate Halloween
  • 64% Dress up their dog in costume
  • 43% Greet trick-or-treaters at the door with their dog
  • 57% Give their dog extra treats during Halloween
  • 21% Take their pup to doggy parades or gatherings
  • 36% Take their dog trick-or-treating

DIY Pet Costume Ideas
For more dog-friendly Halloween ideas, including some great DIY pet costumes you can make for $15 or less, visit

For a chance to see your beloved canine's Halloween costume featured on Milk-Bone and Milo's Kitchen social media channels, tag it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #TreatsForAll.

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  1. I'm glad to see my home state, Georgia, made the top 20. I wonder if my dog would like trick or treating?

  2. Where I live it is VERY dog friendly! You can even bring the dogs into the stores for the most part. It's fun to see all the dogs dressed up for halloween.

  3. Alaska is so dog friendly, I am surprised they didn't make the list. It is a little chilly for pets on halloween though. My busy loves it.

  4. It cracks me up when people dress up their dogs. Some of them crack me up!

  5. Woot we are #21 on the list! My dog doesn't like dressing up - he was Eeyore one year and was NOT happy lol!

  6. The costumes are so cute! I love seeing furry friends dressed up for Halloween!

  7. Glad to see that Texas made it. I know that there are a couple of dog parties around town that I have heard of :)

  8. It's amazing how many people dress their dogs up for Halloween. It can be comical at times.

  9. So many people dress their dogs up for Halloween. And they come up some amazing costumes.

  10. My state ranks 18th! That is not too bad! I think they all look so cute in their costumes!

  11. Oh my gosh...that pinata dog! What a hoot. Love it!

  12. I'm happy to see we're on the list. I don't even have a dog, but I'm still happy.

  13. Dogs like to participate in Halloween too! It's fun for them to join in!

  14. Bella has her Pumpkin Bandana from her trip to the beauty parlor. She looks so cute, maybe she would like a costume....

  15. Oh wow, these are super cute ideas! I love the very colorful clown costume.

  16. i swear this years doggy customs are the best. wow! Literally better than the humans.

  17. I had no idea pet owners did the whole Halloween thing with their pets. Sounds like fun!

  18. It makes me proud that my state is one of the top dog friendly states for Halloween! I love seeing dogs dressed up - they're always so cute!

  19. I confess I dressed my dog up one year for Halloween as part of a family costume theme, but she didn't like it, I wish I could do the pinata costume because it's hilarious.

  20. Such cute doggie costumes! I have never dressed up one of my dogs - but I have seen others!

  21. I never thought that dogs would go trick or treating. I love these costumes and will have to think about taking my dog trick or treating next year!

  22. wow! I can not believe that my home state is #1. That is pretty awesome. I love when people dress their pets up. So adorable.

  23. I've always wondered what dogs think about when we dress them up. Half the time, I don't think they can tell, the other half, they look at me like "My owner hates me, and humiliates me publicly."

  24. I love Halloween. I have two dogs that I dress up every year.

  25. These pictures are just too much! How cute - my family is full of dog-people!

  26. What a great list! My mother-in-law would love to see these statistics... she's the ultimate dog lover!

  27. We dont see too many dogs in the stores here. I love the costumes!

  28. These are such great costumes. I use to bring my dog along when I was little. It was always a ton of fun!

  29. These are great dog costume ideas. I have a dinosaur costume for our dog.

  30. I love to see pets dressed up. There are so many cool costumes you can get now.

  31. I'm surprised that my state didn't make the top list. I feel they are pretty dog friendly. Fun costumes! I have cats and can't wait to dress them up this year :)

  32. We try to dress our dog up every year, but she will not have it! These are so cute!

  33. My kids are so excited to go trick or treating with a dog this year!! They are trying to decide what costume for the dog but can't make up there mind.

  34. Oh my gosh! I cannot handle the cuteness of that pinata dog costume!